Rob Reiner Wants War, Claims Trump Is First President Not Fighting For Democracy [VIDEO]

by Sierra Marlee | July 2, 2017 6:01 pm

Rob Reiner does know that he’s… Rob Reiner, right? A pudgy squishbag who is the last human being on the planet who should be calling for any sort of conflict?

I mean, since when are film directors interested in war as anything other than a depiction that will win them awards? After they take their golden statues home, place them on their shelves and kiss them goodnight, they get on Twitter and talk about how terrible war is. If it’s so bad, why are you okay with profiting off of it?


Hyperbole abounds in Hollywood these days and Trump seems to be at the receiving end of most of it. (The rest is kindly directed at you and me for daring to be conservative.)

On Saturday, Reiner went on MSNBC to brow-beat the President and complain that he’s not “fighting for Democracy.”

It should also be noted that apparently you can come out and tweet mean things about the President and MSNBC will slap the “Activist” label up beside your name. Good to know.

Back to his self-aggrandizing interview[8]:

“This is the first time in our history we that have a president that who is not fighting for democracy,” the director said, adding “And is not fighting to keep us safe.”

“We have been attacked by a foreign enemy power,” Reiner said, “And he refuses to acknowledge it. And he turns his back to it.”

“This is a very scary time for us,” he also said. “This president is either frightened of what the probe into this attack might reveal in terms of making him illegitimate, or he’s worried that crimes that he has committed have been exposed. I suggest it could be both… I have never as an American have felt so unsafe.”

What, you mean with all of those safe spaces, you still don’t feel safe? Poor baby. Why don’t you make a movie about it and leave the rest of us alone.

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