The accusation that Trump brought out on former President Barack Obama about Obama spying on him is sending the message that Trump is going to fight against the enemies of his presidency. This is what Rush Limbaugh said Monday.

He also noted that Trump’s conclusion is based on the reality of an administration that is being stalked by leaks of sensitive information and also having to deal with published media reports that Trump aides were targets of this surveillance.

It’s just too much. This is going to create a political fight to the death between conservatives and liberals, and if you think that is how it’s always been then you need to know that this…is different.

” … We are in a polarized circumstance in our country. We are really divided, and the gap is wide,” he said. “This is a war that’s going to result in somebody winning and somebody losing, within a political context, of course. And what’s new about this one is we have a Republican president for the first time in my lifetime fighting back.”

Thankfully from what Rush says, we have a President who will refuse to take this silently…

“I think part of what President Trump is doing by tweeting out on Saturday that he believes the Obama administration’s wiretapping him, I think he’s not just tweeting to the American public and tweeting to the news media. I think Trump confounds these people because he’s always a step or two ahead. Trump plays the long game,” Limbaugh said.

“And I think in addition to whatever else these tweets are intended to accomplish, it’s also a direct line to the Democrat Party and Obama and members of the Obama administration that Trump is signaling, ‘You don’t face the usual feckless bunch of opponents who never fight you back. You’ve got me here, and if you’re gonna start lying about me, if you’re gonna keep lying about me, I’m not gonna sit here and take it.’”

This is a message that is born in reality, despite Obama’s denials. Limbaugh says yes.

“So it isn’t unreasonable at all for Donald Trump to suspect that he’s being tapped, that his aides are being tapped, at Trump Tower,” said Limbaugh. “We know that there were two FISA warrants that were issued starting last summer and then another one in October …. It’s kind of unsettling. I mean, you don’t want to think things like this happen, but you know that they do, and so you have to face it.”

Limbaugh said the wiretaps are part of a pattern of Obama and his loyalists working to subvert Trump.

” … from the moment that Donald Trump won the election back in November, there have been leaks, illegal leaks that were no question hopefully damaging. There has been a sabotage effort to undermine Trump and his administration since the election. We’ve talked about it ever since it began. I’ve had various names for it, the deep state, Friday called it silent coup or whatever, but there isn’t any doubt in my mind that this is going on,” Limbaugh said, adding that, “The media is complicit in it.”

“The whole media is fascinating,” Limbaugh said. “The media is saying they are duty-bound to shut Trump’s story down. They are duty-bound to expose it as a fraudulent story. The same people who can’t find any evidence that Trump or his people colluded with the Russians to hack the election, to affect the election. They can’t find any evidence. They don’t have any duty to slap that down. … But this, they’re claiming it’s their duty to shut it down. Not investigate it. Not take it seriously. Their duty is to shut it down.”

Limbaugh says there are grounds for not believing the words of former Obama administration members…citing many of the reason why, including Benghazi.

“They are members of a political power that is losing its grip and losing its electoral hold, and they’re in a full-fledged panic, if you ask me. And their total inability to accept their rejection and their repudiation is causing them to lash out in all kinds of ways to try to destroy what they can’t beat at the ballot box,” Limbaugh said.

” … it started out with the whole thing was false. It was all false; it was a conspiracy theory. It was the ravings of a lunatic, Donald Trump. But now it’s gotten more refined, and now it’s, ‘You won’t prove Obama did it,’” Limbaugh said.

It is a miracle that President Trump has had the time to do anything other than fend off the Democratic demons that are after him..but he has, and he has done good.

We need to pray for our country and for our President… he needs all the powers here on earth and above to defeat this kind of evil that is lurking in Washington D.C.

This is the reality of things.

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