Self-Destruct Mode: Trump-Hating Emmys Hit All-Time Ratings Low

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | September 18, 2017 1:26 pm

The Emmy’s last night was a fantastic, horrific dud of epic proportions. The ratings were a stunning catastrophe and with Stephen Colbert hosting the travesty, it’s little wonder. The beautiful people all showed up to admire one another and gossip endlessly. There is a bright side… it may not have been the all-time lowest-watched Emmys in its 69-year history. It was possibly the second lowest, but it could still wind up being a record low. All that Trump bashing and hateful spitefulness was just not enticing to Americans… only to bitter Hollywood moonbats and wannabes. It’s funny, because we all thought it couldn’t get any worse than last year. Wrong.

Fewer than 11.3 million viewers tuned in last night to suffer through the juvenile, wretched humor of Stephen Colbert. That’s fewer than last year, which holds the record, so maybe there’s not a bright side after all. The rating last night of 8.2 is lower than last year’s 8.4, but the numbers are still settling out. Regardless, that’s just abominable. And once again proving that even young people have a limit on moronic trite smugness, the 18-49 age group was an apathetic 2.8. It doesn’t get much worse than that folks. Everyone is sick and tired of watching rich elitists hate on Trump and being unable to deal with losing the election. It’s pathetic and boring.


This comes just days after the ratings for the MTV Awards hit a record low. You would think they would get the hint, but nope… this people are dedicated to being deeply stupid. In a righteous indicator that America is done with wealthy social justice types… less than five percent of the country tuned in. It turns out that Americans hate leftists more than politicians… and that’s saying something. President Trump’s approval numbers are consistently far higher than those of these jokers… and if polling wasn’t rigged, those numbers would be even higher.

The more Hollywood gets political and lurches to the left, the less we all want to watch their blather. They stand for every depravity, perversion and immoral stance out there and they don’t even faintly connect with or resemble mainstream America. And this is the result. The entire country has pretty much rejected Democrats and leftists and has gone more conservative. We’re just not that into Tinsel Town anymore.


Hollywood is its own worst enemy. As abhorrent as even Republicans are, they look like paragons of virtue next to Hollyweird. Every time I see some bigoted freak like Stephen Colbert, I am profoundly grateful once again that Hillary Clinton did not win the last election and that Barack Obama is gone from the White House. These are multi-millionaires that embrace everything that is evil and they love communists. They are the face of the Democratic Party and they are communistic monsters.

Anything to do with Hollywood these days is in the toilet… the movie box office, the Oscars, MTV, the Emmys… Hollywood has been officially shunned by America and with good reason. It wasn’t that we started out hating Hollywood. No, they started out by hating all of us and looking down on Americans with contempt. We are just hating them back now. Hollywood is nothing more than a propaganda machine for communists and red is out of season in America.

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