Stephen Colbert Gives Nazi Salute To Trump On Late Show – Because He Thinks It’s Funny? [VIDEO]

by Margaret M. | September 8, 2017 6:17 pm


Almost every WW2 veteran is dead, so the left is throwing around the word NAZI to mean everyone they don’t like.

I suspect that a lot of the modern use of the word Nazi is due to younger millennials never having met or conversed with any veterans of the second World War, let alone any of the people who were held in camps by the German troops. They’ll call anyone a Nazi because the Auschwitz survivors are dead and because they never looked into how many of their family members died fighting for the Allies.

So Stephen Colbert, comedic genius, pops out on hisĀ Late Night show and pops up a Seig Heil.

In public. He did this in public, on television. In a sane world this would mean instant banning from television in the same way you’d be erased if you walked out there, dropped your pants and mooned the crowd while screaming insults about their moms.


Put that away, young man.

Colbert said, before raising his hand up that Trump’s “support is right up there, right around here,” after commenting on Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville.

Look, the ol’ jokey Hitler salute’s been around for ages. Here’s a video of Ringo Starr telling John Lennon to knock it off when Lennon did it to the fans in Liverpool.

But nobody is out there telling Colbert to can it. This would’ve been approved by several writing staffers hours ahead of time. Colbert’s not joking around, he really does want to extend the notion that Trump is a Nazi.

A few months ago, Colbert’s incessant political streak cost him his spot as the host of The Late Show on CBS. After months in the lead, Jimmy Fallon took over the number one late-night ratings spot with his incarnation of The Tonight Show. On the first of May this year, Colbert suggested that Trump’s mouth would make a great holster for something Vladimir Putin usually keeps out of sight. After that monologue aired, the FCC received over 5,700 complaints[3] and then when he did a skit about Melania two weeks later, he suggested that she was involved in a sexual relationship with the Canadian Prime Minister (the married with children) Justin Trudeau. Conservatives are used to being ribbed by comedians, but we still have a limit on what we’ll put up with before we abandon them.

This summer Colbert called Kellyanne Conway “Satan’s trophy wife[4]” and mocked her use of props on a Fox News segment in this video:

It’s time to give Colbert a lifetime achievement award and kindly ask him to retire.

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