STOP IT! Sarah Silverman “Scared And Shaken” at The Sight of Our Flag [VIDEO]​

STOP IT! Sarah Silverman “Scared And Shaken” at The Sight of Our Flag [VIDEO]​

I rarely say that I hate things, because it’s an extremely strong emotion that doesn’t have any real benefits. Other strong emotions like love, anger, sadness… they prompt you to do something. Sad? Do something that makes you happy. Love? That’s a wonderful sensation on its own. Anger? Visit the gym and assault the punching bag for an hour while you blow off steam. Lately, I should live at the gym.

But hate really doesn’t do much. That being said, there are times when someone does something so offensive, so ignorant, so mind-blowingly stupid that I can’t help but feel red-hot hatred rising in my throat like bile. It burns me from the inside out and if I didn’t know any better, I would say that flames shoot out of my ears. Being in my vicinity at that point is very perilous to one’s health.

Sarah Silverman is one of the few people (very, very few) that manage to wrangle this reaction out of me. Perhaps it is because she attempts to use her status as a comedian to get away with saying things that the rest of us might be publicly crucified for. Perhaps it’s because every single one of her jokes revolves around her vagina or some sort of bodily function. Perhaps it’s because she’s just SO idiotic that it is offensive that she steals my oxygen. And I’m not crazy about her voice either.

Take your pick. There are no wrong answers when it comes to Sarah Silverman.

This wretched wannabe comic has done it again, claiming that she was “freaked out” by an ex-boyfriend who was – wait for it, this is good – “hoisting” an American flag. Triggered by the red, white and blue of the United States. That takes talent. Silverman claims she was scared and shaken by the American flag. Silverman’s show is ironically titled, “I Love You, America With Sarah Silverman,” but in this week’s episode Silverman explains why patriotism and American exceptionalism freaks her out.

“I had a boyfriend many years ago, he was my first boyfriend who had his own house, and one day I went outside to see what he was doing, and he was hoisting an American flag up the flagpole in his front yard,” she remembered. “And I instantly felt very weird. It didn’t make sense, but I felt this feeling of like, um, I felt scared – yeah, I felt scared. ”

“Nationalism is innately terrifying for Jews,” said Silverman’s sister. “Think about it. Flags, marching, blind allegiance. These things tend to ring a bell for us.” Except you weren’t around during the reign of Hitler and the Nazis. And having a personal allegiance to your country, patriotism and loyalty is not a bad thing, unless you are evil and crazy that is.

How can you be scared of something that you weren’t there for? And more importantly, how can you equate someone raising a flag on their own property with “literally Hitler?” And to call raising a flag “blind allegiance” is just moronic. Perhaps he loves his country, despite the fact that his harpy ex-girlfriend is triggered by the idea of someone loving America? Oh wait, that’s right, she thinks that “because I love America” is the same thing as being a Nazi.

Because she’s dumb and I suspect, a communist at heart. This has nothing to do with being Jewish and everything to do with hating freedom.

Silverman said later in the episode that patriotism is loving your country, but nationalism is saying, “We’re number one” and is linked to xenophobia and racism. “I fear that ‘We’re number one’ nationalism is really like an old bed buddy of racism and xenophobia,” she argued. What utter bull feces.

To so broadly generalize the love of country as something inherently evil is intellectually dishonest. First of all, the Nazis and Hitler didn’t necessarily love Germany, they just hated anyone they could blame for making their lives less than perfect. Americans love our country because of our fellow countrymen, our greatness, our willingness to help those in need, our charity and many, many other things. We are the greatest country on the planet because we are a good country. A country that was built with patriotism, not social justice.

If you can stomach it, her diatribe is below:

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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