The crazy hags led by Whoopi Goldberg on the View want to see Ted Cruz’s birth certificate [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | March 24, 2015 11:04 am

My eyes and ears are dribbling blood[1] after subjecting myself to the moronic ramblings of these hags. The long knives came out by the left and the RINOs even before the announcement by Cruz. “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown came out calling Ted Cruz, and his wife for that matter, stupid because they don’t believe in global warming. The only subject Jerry Brown is an expert on, is the one of being a moron. Cruz went to Princeton and Harvard. He didn’t have time to dally with the likes of Linda Ronstadt and get high while stuffing money in his pockets and blathering about UFOs with the two brain cells he has left. And Whoopi Goldberg… daft as the Mad Hatter. And the tools in the audience lapped it up, clapped and cheered.

From The Right Scoop:

So here’s a challenge – try to watch four minutes of the crazy hags on The View cackling on about Ted Cruz without shooting your monitor or throwing your cell phone out a window.


Boy there’s nothing like a completely uninformed moron like Whoopi Goldberg weighing in on politics. She demands to see Cruz’s birth certificate thinking she’s so clever to “flip around” the accusations against Obama. Except Cruz already released his certificate[2], you dumb whale.

Please note that the Right Scoop is not responsible for any damage done to your monitor or cell phone incurred by violently reacting to the View.

No wonder no one watches The View. Unless of course you intend to torture someone. Listen, Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen, period. Scholar after constitutional scholar has said so and I agree. The birth certificate distraction is a non-issue. On the right, those who are on that crazy train would do better to expose Hillary and Obama for legitimate crimes. On the left, you guys just suck. If you are dumb enough to actually believe in the global warming charade and fall for all the Marxists are telling you, then you richly deserve whatever you get and it won’t be pretty in the end. It never is for communists. Ted Cruz is the last best hope America has…[3] if we blow this, then the Republic is done for.

  1. My eyes and ears are dribbling blood:
  2. Cruz already released his certificate:
  3. Ted Cruz is the last best hope America has…:

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