WATCH: Hannity Lets Loose – UTTERLY DECIMATES CNN on Live TV

WATCH: Hannity Lets Loose – UTTERLY DECIMATES CNN on Live TV

In Sean Hannity’s opening monologue last night, he laid into CNN for pushing fake news. They just fired three so-called journalists for a fake story that involved a Trump associate named Anthony Scarmucci and a Russian investment fund. The problem is, the writers used one un-vetted source and the story was untrue. I suspect they knew it was a lie all along, but used it for ratings. CNN had to retract the story and they claim the writers resigned. I highly doubt that. They were let go with pay, I’ll bet. And this is only one of dozens of untrue stories that CNN has run with.

Then of course, you have the Project Veritas video that exploded yesterday showing an undercover journalist speaking with a producer who has been with CNN for 15 years. He basically said that the witch hunt against Trump was basically bull crap and CEO Jeff Zucker instructed the network to hammer Trump on Russia and ignore other stories. He admitted the attacks on Trump were for ratings. CNN did not fire the producer, but they also didn’t deny what has been going on there. Fake news doesn’t begin to cover it. This is manipulation of the masses.

From Breitbart:

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Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity continued his criticism of CNN for promoting what he called “fake news,” specifically reports tying President Donald Trump to Russia.

Hannity’s comments come on the heels of the resignations of three CNN journalists behind an article connecting Trump associate Anthony Scarmucci to a Russian investment fund that CNN was forced to retract and a Project Veritas video showing a CNN producer revealing the emphasis on Trump-Russia stories are for ratings.

CNN is indeed coming apart before our eyes. They’ve been caught in lie after lie after lie. I don’t know how anyone can watch them or give them any credibility anymore. They’ve destroyed themselves all over hatred of Donald Trump. That’s just insane. As Hannity rightfully pointed out, it’s fake news, anti-Trump propaganda and a political smear machine. Personally, I will never trust them again after all this. Journalists are supposed to be ethical and unbiased… they are supposed to go where the facts lead and report on issues no matter who they offend or what they uncover. Instead, CNN has become part of the weaponized media machine for the left… they are the American Pravda.

President Trump slammed CNN and the rest of the media on Twitter today, writing: “Fake news, CNN is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony Russia stories and ratings are way down.” The President continued, “So they caught fake news CNN cold, but what about NBC, CBS, ABC? What about the failing New York Times and Washington Post? They’re all fake news.” The President is right here… all of them are like this now and can no longer be trusted. They don’t report real news anymore. Bloggers do that now and other media sources. The mainstream media is officially dead.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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