YIKES! Dept Of Justice Orders Investigation Into Harvey Weinstein [VIDEO]

YIKES! Dept Of Justice Orders Investigation Into Harvey Weinstein [VIDEO]

Harvey Weinstein has become a target for the FBI, or rather his accused actions have drawn the attention of the FBI, who have now been given orders by the DOJ to look into the numerous allegations of sexual assault and rape of employees, coworkers and actresses in Hollywood.

This probe into the Hollywood producer is being headed up by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, which makes this even more sweet because now it’s Session’s time to turn the table on the liberal hypocrites that tried to bring him down with lies. You can bet that more people in Hollywood are going to be caught up in these crimes. While everyone is focusing on Weinstein, how many people in his industry are guilty of the very same thing, or even complicit to the assaults? Something tells me there are a lot more people connected to this scandal.

We still are not sure who ordered the probe, but it’s not far fetched to think it came from either the White House or Sessions himself. It could be that Weinstein has headed to Europe for what he called ‘sex rehab’ – Uh huh – and law enforcement is fearful that this will just be another Roman Polanski scheme, with Weinstein avoiding any prosecution in the U.S. by staying in Europe.

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If it is found with evidence that he committed any crimes – and we already have one recording of him sexually harassing and assaulting a woman – extradition proceedings can begin if he makes the move to stay in Europe.

One of the allegations against Weinstein was that he sexually assaulted a student at the time and aspiring actress, Lucia Evans, and made her perform oral sex on him back in 2004 in New York, and lucky for any victims in New York State, there is no statute of limitations on rape or sexual assaults.

This whole damning report came form Ronan Farrow, after he did a 10-month research binge on Weinstein. It was closely followed by an audio tape of Weinstein sexually harassing and even assaulting a young woman in a hotel who was trying to leave. We have audio of it because back in 2015, police had wired up the model to catch Weinstein in the act and lo and behold, he was caught in the act. The guy is addicted to being a sexual assaulter and needs to be taken down.

This is the first step to doing that and I hope the DOJ scoops up anyone else that was an accessory to this scumbag.

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