Chelsea Clinton’s Argument On Confederate Statues Is So Dumb We’re Embarrassed For Her

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | August 18, 2017 4:38 pm

Chelsea Clinton is just embarrassingly stupid.[1] There’s no way around it. She really should stay off Twitter… it’s just making it worse for her. Now, she’s taken to Twitter to compare Confederate statues to… wait for it… Lucifer. This shows not only a stunning lack of Biblical knowledge, but a gross lack of historical knowledge as well. You can’t equate Old Scratch and the Civil War. It doesn’t work. Lucifer did indeed rebel against God… but that is nowhere near what happened in the Civil War. You had a fracture between the states over slavery. There was no slavery in heaven Chelsea.

Chelsea’s tweet is incredibly offensive to Christians and she doesn’t begin to get it. She wouldn’t as she has no real faith except that of power that her godless parents have taught her. Many suspect she is laying the groundwork to run for office. If so, this surely lost her many supporters. Although I doubt she is aiming at Christians. They aren’t part of her desired demographic. This definitely landed with a loud thud though.


From Breitbart:

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, has been spending a lot of time on Twitter during the last year attempting to expound on all manner of topics to show how engaged she is, but her attempt to compare Confederate statues to the worship of the devil did not fare so well.

The younger Clinton took to her Twitter account on Thursday to try to mix Biblical themes with Confederate themes, saying, “The story of Lucifer-who rebelled against God-is part of many Christians’ traditions.” Then she added that she never saw a statue of “Lucifer” in a church:

Some feel that Chelsea is attempting to set up a basis for a run for office by using her Twitter account to show how brilliant she is, but this particular tweet landed with a thud.

Whether or not you consider statues to Confederate generals an act of evil, Chelsea’s point fell short just by dint of historical fact. The truth is, Lucifer has appeared in art, paintings, and sculptures — many of them appearing in churches and religious texts — since Christianity began.

Let’s also examine the fact that Chelsea is just plain wrong. Lucifer has been depicted in paintings, pictures and sculptures that are indeed in Christian churches. One of the most famous depictions of the fallen angel is the sculpture simply entitled Lucifer, by artist Guillaume Geefs. Today, it stands in the Cathedral of St. Paul in Liège, Belgium. On the ceiling flourish in the Norwich Cathedral in Norwich, Norfolk, in England, you will find a depiction of a Christian wielding a golden sword while fighting the devil. There goes Chelsea’s argument… she has no idea what she is talking about… again.

A bas-relief entitled: “The Harrowing of Hell,” that shows a victorious Christ standing on the defeated body of Satan also appears on the walls of the UK’s Lincoln Cathedral. Luca Giordano’s painting of Archangel Michael and Fallen Angels, Vienna, which was originally commissioned in 1666 as a church altarpiece is also an example of Luciferian art. It stood in the chapel of St. Louis in Vienna’s Minorite Church in the late seventeenth century. There are many other examples as well.

Twitter smacked Chelsea all over the place for this faux pas and she had it coming. Stick to Marxism Chelsea, at least you actually know something about that.

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