DID YOU SEE IT? Everyone Is Congratulating Chelsea Clinton On DUMBEST Tweet Ever Crafted!

DID YOU SEE IT? Everyone Is Congratulating Chelsea Clinton On DUMBEST Tweet Ever Crafted!

So, Chelsea Clinton has gotten her panties in a twist over companies pulling their funding from Shakespeare in the Park because they decided to depict President Trump as Julius Caesar and then show him being assassinated. I applaud Delta and Bank of America for pulling their funding over this. It is sheer incitement to assassinate a sitting President and it is horrifically disrespectful. Freedom of speech does not extend to calling for murder in my book. Chelsea can get stuffed.

She proceeded to put out what is possibly the dumbest tweet EVER: “In 1790, George Washington hosted a production of Julius Caesar, likely the first Shakespeare play performed for an American President.” Since George Washington was not depicted in the play as being assassinated, I fail to see the relevance here. Just sayin’. The left is all in for boycotts, unless it is for some liberal item they heart and deem as so-called ‘art’. It’s extreme hypocrisy.

From Twitchy:

There is something absolutely HILARIOUS watching the Left freak out when funding has been pulled from something THEY like or support, especially when they have spent years trying to put people out of business with boycotts.

As Twitchy readers know, Delta and Bank of America pulled their funding from ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ after the group staged a Trump assassination. And as if on cue, the Left is OUTRAGED!

Even Hillary’s daughter:

Yes you silly, uneducated, simple people who were offended by the depiction of your president being killed, you are too stupid to know it’s just the theatre so it’s OK.

And they wonder why everyday Americans reject them more and more?

Wonder if Chelsea would be so nonchalant if they had done this to Bubba?

Threads Chelsea shared:

Boohoo! Poor people can’t see Shakespeare without rich people paying for it … or something.

could @ClintonFdn step in to help fund. Seems like a worthy cause

— John Tackeff (@jtackeff) June 12, 2017

Wait, a Clinton putting their money where their mouth is?


At least a couple of companies out there had enough integrity to say this play was way over the line. And no, I don’t care that it was done to Bush and to Obama as well… it should not have been. You can’t justify an abomination like this by saying it was done before when it shouldn’t have been. The left is framing this as people are too stupid to know it is a play. No, we actually get it and that’s why it ticks us off in the first place. Contrary to what the left says and thinks, they aren’t smarter or more enlightened than everyone else.

No one has a problem with Shakespeare in the Park… it’s a wonderful idea. But when you bring current politics into the mix, especially mixed with violence, you paint yourself as the radical leftist you are. All America has heard since Trump took office is that he should be impeached, beheaded, assassinated… and on and on and on. Stop it already. Because I’ll guarantee you won’t like what comes next if something like that happens. Be careful what you wish for.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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