WTH? Chelsea Clinton Wishes the Church of Satan a Happy New Year on Twitter [VIDEO]

by Margaret M. | January 4, 2018 10:34 am

The Clinton daughter has now been forced to answer whether she is a worshiper of Satan.


The Twitter conversation started between Chelsea Clinton and Christine Teigen, a model whose outbursts on social media are considered new because she is married to musician John Legend. When others respond to the two, it has been common for users to tag in the Church of Satan’s social media. And while commenting on this practice on social media (while mentioning that the two women had also interacted with Hooters in the past), the Church of Satan commented that “The never ending excitement here is never ending.”

To which Chelsea responded with a “Happy New Year” and the Satanists replied “Same to you, here’s to a great 2018!”

It’s been so long! Happy New Year!

— Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) January 2, 2018[2]

Same to you, here’s to a great 2018!

— The Church Of Satan (@ChurchofSatan) January 2, 2018[3]

After the outrage poured in, Chelsea was forced to tweet that she was just being respectful to the Church and that she is a Methodist.

Oh goodness gracious. We can be civil, cheerful, respectful to & friends with people who don’t share our religious beliefs. Sometimes, we even marry them. I’m a Methodist & my husband is Jewish, thank you for asking. A very happy New Year to you Rhonda! https://t.co/8UH9SP8EWO[4]

— Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) January 3, 2018[5]

Conspiracy theories raged as Chelsea’s denial of Satan came just hours before her parents’ home in Chappaqua caught fire.

Previously, Chrissy Teigen, 31, has blamed Trump’s Presidency for her “declining health” and that he should be paying for her medical bills[6]. She appears to be on drugs prescribed to assist with her “crippling anxiety” and that she has required dental work because she has been grinding her teeth due to stress from Trump. She says the “manically insane, incompetent President of this dumpster fire administration” is going to cause her to need to add more medications to her lineup. She also said that she’s had Botox to relieve tension in her jaw (Botox being a way to relieve stress tension headaches and other muscle issues) and that “POS” Trump should pay for her bill on that, too.

This autumn, a teacher in Florida running a middle-school class vowed to raise a Satanic display and ask the children to “hail Satan” during the Christmas season[7]. First, Christmas concerts and parties turned to Holiday parties, then Christianity was stamped out as students were taught about Islam, now it’s Satanic displays. The teacher, Preston Smith must think he’s got a real sharp edge on his idea, because he wants to erect a metal pentagram in the local park along with a sign that reads that it is a “Freedom from Religion Nativity Scene.” The pentagram was meant to display symbols and phrases symbolizing the Church of Satan. Keep in mind that this isn’t rebellious middle schoolers wanting to hail Satan in the park, this is one of their teachers who should’ve grown up past the need to signal to the world that he’s an atheist.

For a laugh, take a look at this three minute video from local news in Detroit who were interviewing people lining up for the unveiling of a new statue at the Church of Satan in Detroit. The reporter on the street ended up speaking to comedian Andrew Bowser who was waiting in line hoping to be interviewed, posing as a Satanist. Since being posted in 2015, this interview has clocked over 5.3 million views.

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