Obama’s People Clueless on China

by Dave Blount | August 25, 2015 3:03 pm

Thankfully a recovery seems to be underway, but yesterday the Dow saw its biggest intraday point drop in history when it plunged 1,089 points at the opening bell. The reason: economic trouble in communist China. Meanwhile Obama has this guy running the Treasury Department:

Jack Lew, speaking at the Brookings Institution in July, confidently assured that Americans were immune from weakening markets in China.

“I will say that China‚Äôs markets still are pretty much separated from world markets,” the Secretary of Treasury, said.

Speaking of utter cluelessness, here’s Max Baucus, whom Obama nominated to be Ambassador to China, on the expertise he brings to the job:

“I am no real expert on China.”

But at least over in China no one will hear this former advocate of ObamaCare admitting that Obama’s signature debacle is headed for a “huge train wreck.”

The next president had better be someone who understands that China is important.

I wonder if Baucus could guess which country this flag represents.

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