Democrats say Christianity is as violent as Islam, but 7 FACTS prove them wrong

Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that Christianity and Islam aren’t on the same level. Heck, even uber-liberal Bill Maher knows that Islam is significantly more dangerous than any other religion and he hates them all!

But there are other progressives who like to sugar-coat things and claim that Muslims aren’t all that violent and that Christians have committed more violence in general.

Not so.


From the Daily Wire:

According to a new CBS poll, only one in seven Democrats believe that Islam is more violent than Christianity. In sharp contrast, six in ten Republicans believe that Islam is more violent.

So, are Democrats delusional? The short answer is yes.

It’s quite frankly absurd that this has become a topic of debate. Any human being capable of common sense should be able to discern the stark difference between the two monotheistic faiths.

Here are 7 facts disproving this stupidity:

1. Islamic countries and Muslim-majority countries are far more violent and intolerant than any of the two Christian countries on earth or better yet, any of the Christian-majority countries. Liberals love to point out the difference between Islamic theocratic states, where Sharia law is institutionalized (see: Saudi Arabia, Iran) and semi-Islamic countries with Muslim majorities (see: Turkey, Indonesia). But both models are objectively horrible places to live, despite what cultural relativists and overzealous sociology professors may say. There’s a reason why hordes of Muslim refugees are trying to pour into the West.

2. Islamic religious apologists are selectively blind to the macabre history of Islam. As The Daily Wire reported, academic, historical, and scriptural accounts of the religion’s development all attest to the fact that Islam was indeed founded upon tribal schisms and bloodshed. The primary driver of violence in the Middle East today is Sunni-Shiite sectarian violence, a conflict stemming from the early days of Islam when warring factions quarreled over the rules of succession following the death of Muhammed.

3. A far larger percentage of Muslims are biblical literalists compared to Christians. Reading a 7thcentury text literally is profoundly dangerous.

According the a recent Pew Research Center poll highlighted in The Daily Caller, a significant proportion of  Arab Muslims endorse sharia law as the ideal legal code for society and favor harsh punishments for non-believers that violate the tenets of Islam:

86 percent of Muslims in Pakistan, 84 percent in Afghanistan, 81 percent in the Palestinian territories, 80 percent in Egypt, 65 percent in Jordan, 57 percent in Iraq and 54 percent in Malaysia and Bangladesh favor stoning as a lethal punishment for adultery. A majority of Muslims in several countries also support the death penalty for Muslims who convert away from Islam, including in Afghanistan (79 percent), Egypt (88 percent), Pakistan (75 percent), the Palestinian territories (62 percent), Jordan (83 percent) and Malaysia (58 percent).

4. Currently, Islam treats Jews far worse than Christianity does. How a majority religion treats the Jews is a litmus test for its level of civility. Without a doubt, Christianity has a sordid past, especially when it comes to the way Christendom treated its minority Jewish population. From the Crusades to the Spanish inquisition, Christian majority states and Christian religious authorities, including those residing in the Vatican, have issued edict after edict condemning Jews to burn at the stake. The Jews were blamed for the death of Christ, deicide, a charge that led to the mass murder of the Jewish people, generation after generation, centuries after the time of Christ. While history can never be erased, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that Christianity, as an institution and faith, has made tremendous progress since the medieval era.

5. When Jesus is mocked, Christians take to social media. When Muhammad is drawn, even in the gentlest light, Muslims burn down embassies and slaughter cartoonists in cold blood. The counterculture revolution in the United States openly embraced the use of satirical attacks against Jesus, the Saints, and Christianity writ-large. From menstruating Jesus to fat, slob Jesus, satirists haven’t even attempted to spare the feelings  of Christians. The same cannot be said of Muslims. Take the Charlie Hebdo massacre. When the French satirical publication (which by the way routinely mocks Judaism and Christianity) published a cartoon of Muhammad, the workers were savagely killed by Islamic terrorists who were apparently carrying out the will of Allah. Adding insult to injury, secular, Western publications refused to air images of the cartoon for fear of reprisal.

6. The world is being torn apart by Islamic terrorists. There’s a handful of powerless KKK members in the United States who purport to be defending Christianity. This analogy shouldn’t even be made, but it’s the Left’s favorite one. So the for sake of argument, let’s break it down. In Syria alone, there are dozens and dozens of Islamic terrorist groups eager to carve out Sharia-observing territories. Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, and Hezbollah have become household names all throughout the world. The harsh reality is that these groups are functioning on the basis of the hadiths and the Qu’ran. There’s a reason why ISIS spares boys under 12, enslaves women, and slaughters the men.

7.  Islam hasn’t had a reformation. Christianity has. As stated above, both the Enlightenment and the Reformation, led by Martin Luther, fundamentally altered the way Christians interacted with their faith. For the most part, Christianity is not seen as a political ideology. The concept of separation of church and state underpins the modern West. While the medieval era placed religion front and center in the public square, today’s Christianity is largely practiced in private. Islam, on the hand, still continues to be a public faith. No major school of Islamic theology has worked to separate the private from the public. Islam, according to the ulama, is a totalitarian ideology.

Hard to believe the left wants these people pouring into our country, while at the same time they fight for the rights of women and the LGBT community.

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