Liberals And Atheists Furious That Biblical Theme Park Is Being Built In Kentucky

Liberals And Atheists Furious That Biblical Theme Park Is Being Built In Kentucky

I think this is fantastic! Kentucky is building a Noah’s Ark theme park in Grant County this summer. And the liberals and atheists are having an epic meltdown over it. The park will get $18 million worth of tax incentives to build it. I predict it will be a massive hit, contrary to what the leftists claim. They just can’t stand that a biblically inspired form of entertainment might just be popular. They are cursing what they term as theocrats in the state of Kentucky. I call them Christians and patriots.


From Patheos:

A state board restocked last week with new appointees by Gov. Matt Bevin has quietly approved the long-sought tax incentives worth up to $18 million for the controversial Noah’s Ark theme park due to open this summer in Grant County.

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Just last week Bevin changed the makeup of the authority’s board — replacing four members and reappointing one.

Governor Matt Bevin, who is a Tea Party member, was the one who shook up the board membership to make this come to life. He was determined that the park get a chance and get assistance in becoming a reality. I applaud him for it. There has been sooo much anti-Christian sentiment out there that it’s about time we get a break for our side. This has nothing to do with the establishment clause. That is a specious argument. The Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority voted 7 – 0 to approve the Ark Encounter for up to $18 million in tax rebates. I think that it will be a boon to Kentucky and certainly loved by Christians and others of faith. Not so much by those who have no faith or morals. But hey… they can always go to a Target and use the bathroom of their choice.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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