Powerful Moment Soldier Drops His Weapon And Runs Into The River – You May Cry When You See Why

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | March 18, 2016 10:12 am

If you are a Christian[1], this will move you to tears. I know it did the trick for me. In November of 2014, soldiers in Iraq waded into the Euphrates River to baptize one of their own. This river is the only one mentioned in both the first and last books of the Bible. It was 46 degrees and the fog gave them cover to give glory to God in a land now controlled by the demons of ISIS. That’s bravery and devotion on a whole different level. The men didn’t hesitate. They dropped their weapons and most of their gear. A Chaplain and two friends waded into biblical waters and washed away their sins.


From Qpolitical:

When this soldier was surrounded by terrorism while serving in Iraq, he decided to be baptized in a historical river for Christianity. This heartwarming video is the best baptism I’ve ever seen!

This soldier wanted to publicly declare his faith in Jesus Christ while serving in Iraq.

Despite the attacks that threatened soldiers’ lives daily, this Christian soldier decided to be baptized in the Euphrates River- the only river mentioned in both the first and last book of the Bible.

This shows a deep and abiding love in God in the midst of war and death. I can’t even imagine wading into those waters… what a glorious testament to this young soldier’s faith. It moves you and gives you chills. After leaving the river, they would have to drip dry in the cold. I bet they hardly felt that. The young man must have been euphoric over the event. This happened near Rawah Anbar in Iraq. The Chaplain explained it isn’t for salvation that we are baptized, but because of salvation. In the midst of fighting with one of the greatest evils this world has ever known, another young soldier kneels before God and pledges his soul. This is what it means to serve Him. Just breathtaking.


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