State bans prayer before Christian high school football, but kids can still kneel for the Anthem?

State bans prayer before Christian high school football, but kids can still kneel for the Anthem?

It’s getting really weird in Florida. The FHSAA, also known as the Florida High School Athletic Association, has banned Christian high schools from participating in a pregame prayer. On the contrary, clueless kids who are desperate for attention are still pulling their best Colin Kaepernick kneel-job when the National Anthem is played.

Several high school football teams in Florida pray TOGETHER before games, as a sign of unity, faith and sportsmanship. They literally huddle together with their soon-to-be enemy and have a huge group prayer and it’s really an amazing concept that helps young students learn to have a great deal of respect for there fellow athletes.

But not anymore! I’m trying to wrap my head around why a Christian school is not permitted to pray.


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Although the FHSAA acknowledged both schools are private and religious-affiliated institutions,” it claimed federal law prevent it from granting the teams’ request to use the stadium PA system, saying the use of state assets for religious speech was “off limits.”

FHSAA Director Roger Dearing laid out the rationale for denying the players’ their right to pray, saying, “… the facility is predominantly paid for with public tax dollars; second, under Florida Statutes, the FHSAA – the host and coordinator of the event – is legally a ‘State Actor,’ so we cannot legally permit or grant permission for such an activity.”

Now, Cambridge Christian School has filed a federal lawsuit against the FHSAA for violating the players’ religious freedoms under both the federal and Florida constitutions, as well as the Florida Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

I hope the Cambridge Christian School wins their federal lawsuit. There’s a reason they’re a Christian school and prayer is a part of it. They should be allowed to pray whenever they want, especially since they’re not a public school.

This is one of those times you’re thinking “oh for the love of God, give me a freaking break!” I understand the whole tax dollar thing. I get it. But these same tax payers are also the parents who bring their children to the Christian school, where they’re supposed to be supportive of religion and activities pertaining to said religion, such as prayer and knocking the heck out of their opponents during their football games.

It would be possibly different if these were public schools hosting a Christian prayer and a lot of parents were upset. Then again, even if the parents weren’t religious, there’s a great chance they wouldn’t complain about their child engaging in a team prayer.

No one wants to be that one annoying parent who complains about things and embarrasses their children.

We also know there will always be that one parent who ruins all the fun things.

Don’t be like that. Don’t be like the FHSAA.

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