Top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2016 that might prove this one interesting fact

Top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2016 that might prove this one interesting fact

Most people know that my degrees are in accounting and Management Information Systems and I had a keen interest in Constitutional law. But what they don’t know is that my first love was archaeology. I almost became and archaeologist until I figured out I would probably starve to death doing it. Heh. Having divulged that, 2016 was a miraculous year for historical Christian archaeological finds.

These are the top findings per Christianity Today from the important excavations taking place in the lands of the Bible or that have a biblical connection. (This list is subjective, and based on news reports rather than peer-reviewed articles in scientific publications.) For the detailed list, visit here.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Christianity Today made a list of 2016 archaeological finds that helps affirm biblical details and prove, again, that the Bible is a source of historical accuracy. According to Christianity Today, which understandably labelled the “top 10” designation subjective, the list was based on news reports rather than peer-reviewed journal articles.

So, bearing that in mind, here’s the list:

10. Ancient papyrus mentions Jerusalem

9. Ancient glass factory

8. Sunken junk from Caesarea Maritima

7. Solomon’s Palace at Gezer

6. Hundreds of Roman writing tablets

5. Temple Mount floor designs identified

4. Philistine cemetery excavation

3. Stone jar factory found near Cana

2. Lachish gate shrine illustrates Hezekiah’s reforms

1. Unsealing the tomb of Christ

Naturally, the one that knocked my socks off was the unsealing of the tomb of Christ. Only a limited number of people were allowed in. Certain sections were painstakingly preserved and restored and then it was resealed and may not be reopened again for hundreds of years. This is the first time the tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre has been opened since at least the year 1555. Just seeing pictures of the event and hearing about it gave me the chills.

“It appears to be visible proof that the location of the tomb has not shifted through time, something that scientists and historians have wondered for decades,” said Fredrik Hiebert, National Geographic’s archaeologist-in-residence. To Christians, the event was holy in essence and momentous in occurrence. The most venerated site in the Christian world, the tomb today consists of a limestone shelf or burial bed that was hewn from the wall of a cave. Since at least 1555, and most likely centuries earlier, the burial bed has been covered in marble cladding, allegedly to prevent eager pilgrims from removing bits of the original rock as souvenirs.

You should read the entire list of 2016 archaeological finds… I find it fascinating and humbling. These discoveries are more solid proof of the validity of the Bible and events it records. Bible scholars will pour over the information uncovered for decades. I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for Christian historians.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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