TROUBLING New Poll Delivers SCARY News For The Future Of This Country

TROUBLING New Poll Delivers SCARY News For The Future Of This Country

I’m not too sure how much stock I put in this new poll. FiveThirtyEight is claiming a Gallup poll is now saying that 26% of Americans are atheists. Let’s put this in perspective. I’ve heard numbers like this one for decades. It depends on who and how you poll people. It also depends on circumstances, because for many people, religion is a fluid construct. As for true atheists, I know very few of them. And I don’t call atheism a religion… it is the lack thereof. I would be greatly surprised over this number if it were true – during bad times, faith increases. Godlessness is a luxury of excess, not deprivation.

Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Our Founding Fathers were deeply religious and truly believed that the only way the Republic would survive would be if a just and devout people led the way. Over the last few decades, the denouncement of God has become a fad. A ticket to do as you please and not consider the repercussions of your actions. Now, we see a new trend towards Islam, which I consider to be the antithesis of Christianity. It is an unforgiving, radical religion that brutally demands compliance… the exact opposite of atheism and the polar opposite of Christians.

From FiveThirtyEight:

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After signing an executive order earlier this month that seeks to relax restrictions on the political activities of tax-exempt churches, President Trump said the order was an important affirmation of the American identity. “We’re a nation of believers,” he said. Trump is right in one sense — 69 percent of Americans say a belief in God is an important part of being American — but he’s wrong demographically: Atheists constitute a culturally significant part of American society.

We’re not sure how significant, though. The number of atheists in the U.S. is still a matter of considerable debate. Recent surveys have found that only about one in 10 Americans report that they do not believe in God, and only about 3 percent identify as atheist. But a new study suggests that the true number of atheists could be much larger, perhaps even 10 times larger than previously estimated.

Faith has made this nation great… unified and strong. If it turns out to be true that the move is away from God, then as a Republic we are doomed and America’s time will fade away. Liberals tend to be more atheistic and they have great sway with young people. It is alluring to believe that personal responsibility doesn’t matter and you should just do as you please, but there are always consequences. And when things get bad, there are no atheists in foxholes. Trust me on that one.

Polls such as this one are deliberately skewed. Leftists and communists want people to believe that religion is nonsense and people are turning away from their faith. Because if they can bring that about, they can control the people. They want to push revolution and chaos and perhaps overthrow the government. The lack of religion is a tool of anarchists and political opportunists. Remember, it was these same polls that said Trump would never win the Presidency. So, excuse me if I am highly skeptical here. Look at the financial and moral bankruptcy of California… that is where a lack of faith and responsibility lead. Corruption and death are their calling cards.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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