Unexpected Christian RAPID Response To Terrorist Attacks, Helps To HEAL Scars

Unexpected Christian RAPID Response To Terrorist Attacks, Helps To HEAL Scars

Christians are known for their quick and kind responses to emergencies ranging from sudden homelessness to terror attacks. Now, however, they’ve stepped their game up and are working to respond quicker and faster, helping to heal wounds caused by violent attacks.

You have to respect the people who are willing to travel to another country and offer something more than prayers on Facebook and a changing of their profile picture. Thank you for making these sacrifices so that the victims of these monsters know that they’re not alone.

8 died and 50 people were injured after a terror attack that took place in London last Saturday, leaving a lot of families in pain.

Cue the Christian rapid-response team of crisis-trained chaplains who were dispatched to London in an earnest attempt to help the families, friends and surviving victims of this attack come to terms with their trauma.

“We’re here to offer people a listening ear and let them know they don’t stand alone,” said Nigel Fawcett-Jones, who is overseeing this deployment.

We certainly need more people in the world who are willing to put themselves and their lives aside to help those who are suffering in an unimaginable way.

“Our chaplains are arriving on the scene now to come alongside the community as it deals with this tragedy,” said John Galvin, assistant director of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team and Specialized Ministries.

“Attacks like this stir up all kinds of emotions. Sadness, grief, fear — even anger. People can pray for all those injured in the attack, the loved ones of those killed and the first-responders who have to deal with the aftermath,” he said.

Terror attacks are tragic and horrifying, but that doesn’t mean that you have to deal with the aftermath by yourself. It warms my heart to see that there is a group of people so selfless that they are willing to fly all the way to another country to comfort those in need. God bless.

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