Wait, WHAT? Texas Bill To Bring God Back To Schools?

Wait, WHAT? Texas Bill To Bring God Back To Schools?

A bill presently under consideration in the Texas State House of Representatives would open up a great opportunity for science teachers to teach the religious doctrinal view of creationism in class…How that wasn’t already taught in public schools makes religion extremely one sided. All views should be laid out freely for anyone to learn and choose for themselves…

House Chamber

And before you ask, no, the Constitution DOES NOT exclude religion from being taught in schools. Case law has somehow been allowed to supersede our First Amendment rights, thanks to progressives. Neither the government or the public sector can stop individuals from learning or expressing their freedom of religion.

The bill we are talking about is among a number of related initiatives proposed in various states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

An excerpt from the bill:

“Some teachers may be unsure of expectations concerning how to present information when controversy arises concerning a scientific subject; and the protection of a teacher’s academic freedom is necessary to enable the teacher to provide effective instruction.”


Even though the bill notes that it does not wish to advance religious doctrine, some Texas teachers are worried this could be the outcome.

Angela Garlington spoke about her feelings on the bill:

“I simply tell my students [that] as educated young adults, they have a right to choose what they believe.”

Critics of the Texas bill and related measures across the country admonish they could affect the teaching of climate change and evolution, two concepts which they claim are NOT controversial in the scientific community.

Glenn Branch, deputy director of the National Center for Science Education, is another proponent of the unscientific branch of “the science is settled”

“The prominence of science denial in the new administration may embolden creationists and climate change deniers to pressure their local teachers; even in the absence of such pressure, it may cause teachers to self-censor in order to avoid the possibility of conflict over these socially – but not scientifically – controversial topics.”

The arrogance of this guy is suffocating. To him the science is settled when it comes to global warming, though satellite readings and climate HISTORY claim otherwise. If you disagree with him, you’re wrong and you’re dangerous…He won’t even acknowledge the POINT OF VIEW of creationism! You don’t have to believe it, but does that mean you totally erase it and treat it like the plague?

These bureaucrats are among the most dishonest and downright disturbed people in the world.

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