Black Pastor Who Marched With John Lewis CALLS HIM OUT: “He’s On The WRONG Side Of History” [VIDEO]

Black Pastor Who Marched With John Lewis CALLS HIM OUT: “He’s On The WRONG Side Of History” [VIDEO]

Strong words from a pastor that marched with John Lewis during the civil rights era. The Rev. William Owens is calling out John Lewis as being on the wrong side of history. He’s saying that Lewis and other Democrats just can’t get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Owens says it wasn’t the Russians, it was Hillary herself who lost the election and that the black community should give President-elect Trump a chance and obey the law. He contends that Trump was legitimately elected and won fair and square. All that Lewis and others are doing is tearing us apart and causing division.

“There’s too much at stake for us to pimp the black community,” he said. “I want to have a dialog with Mr. Lewis, with Mr. Al Sharpton and with other black leaders. I’ll show you my facts; you show me yours.” He is so right. In fact, he nailed it when he said that the Democrats take the black vote for granted and have condemned them to dependency on the government. Owens is speaking out to “denounce racial over tones against President-elect Donald Trump and challenge other black leaders to cease pushing division among people of Color for political expediency.”

Mark Wilson/Getty

Mark Wilson/Getty

From Western Journalism:

There was a time when the Rev. William Owens and Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., stood shoulder to shoulder ideologically. During the civil rights marches that galvanized millions during the 1960s, they both stood up for the innate equality in all people.

Now, Owens believes Lewis is “on the wrong side of history.”

Last week, Lewis attacked President-elect Donald Trump as not being a “legitimate” president due to Russian influence in the election and said he would not attend Trump’s inauguration on Friday. Lewis had been one of the first to endorse Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Owens said the root of Lewis’ problem, like that of other Clinton diehards, is that Clinton lost.

“I think what they are looking at is a way to find out why Hillary Clinton was not elected,” he said on Fox Report Weekend.

“She was not elected because of what the Russians did; she was not elected because of what she said,” referring to a statement Clinton made that Americans must change their religious beliefs.

“Mr. Trump is our president,” said Owens, the leader of the Coalition of African-American Pastors.

Owens made similar remarks to the National Press Club.

“We should respect the law,” he said then. “Give Mr. Trump a chance.”

“Leadership has to be proven,” Owens said. “The current path by Democrats and some Republicans is aimed strategically to disrupt, where in the end, it’s the citizenry that will lose; we need strong leadership to move America forward.” Agreed… all this will do is hurt Americans in general. Owens also called Al Sharpton on the carpet to “consider discussing the disastrous policies his office has sometimes promoted–policies that serve to entrap blacks and minorities in a cycle of dependency and require their allegiance to a party and system that does not serve their interests.”

“They have destroyed our communities, weakened our families, and doomed us to a future of dependency,” Owens stated. And that is the brutal truth. Wherever you see a Democrat or a progressive in power, you see poverty, want and crime in black communities. “They ask for everything—support, votes, unquestioning loyalty—and give nothing back,” he said. “If we want to reclaim our power as voters, then African-Americans need to demonstrate that we won’t allow ourselves to be used.” Owens gets it and is telling the harsh truth here. Lewis won’t listen because it doesn’t benefit him to do so. Owens marched because he cared about the future of black America. If Lewis once cared, that’s long gone. Now, he’s in it for himself and his communist agenda.


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