Washington Post: Ferguson Is Totally Like The Old Deep South Or Something

That’s right, Liberals, in this case, Colbert King, are still race-baiting and trying to gin up racial tension regarding Ferguson

Deep South justice in Ferguson

King goes on to tell a tale about something that happened back in 1925, where a dog that was attacking sheep was shot by a Black man working for the school, and the dog’s owner, a white man, showed up and killed the black man, and was let go by the jury. You’re welcome to read the whole thing. Then we get to

That was Mississippi in the 1920s — a time when white men were justified in taking the law into their own hands in matters involving black men. That white Okolona farmer was simply exercising his delegated, albeit unofficial, police powers. The incident gave meaning to the assertion of Chief Justice Roger B. Taney in Dred Scott that the black man has “no rights which the white man was bound to respect.”

Let’s not forget, if King wants to go down this almost 90 year old road, that the people in charge were Democrats.

The slaying in Ferguson, Mo., of an unarmed, 18-year-old African American, Michael Brown, by a white cop, Darren Wilson, who in turn gets away with it, strikes a raw nerve. It reminds many of the way in which authority is exercised, especially in communities where the central relationship between blacks and whites is the police.

It’s absolutely pointless to educate Liberals on the facts of the case. King fails to mention Brown’s own lawless actions, such as theft, assault, assault on a police officer, attempting to take the officer’s gun, etc. Liberals live in their own little bubble world on unreality.

In places like Ferguson, police represent white authority. Authority empowered to enter the community backed by the extralegal support of white sentiment. Authority whose word is taken against the word of an accused African American. Authority that not only arrests, but punishes, too.

Interesting, since, like most big cities, Democrats are in charge politically and set the policies. So, is King saying that Democrats are irresponsible for Black people?

Where else can you fire 12 shots at an unarmed teenager, at least six of which strike his body, and walk away?

Perhaps lawless Chicago, where people are being murdered left and right? Or Detroit, another liberal city.

King goes on to discuss a portion of Darren Wilson’s testimony before the grand jury in relation to a quote from 1940 about “The white policeman in the Negro community . . . feels himself in danger.” Said testimony is supposed to be very, very damning according to King

Wilson: “It is an antipolice area for sure.”

Prosecutor: “And when you say antipolice, tell me more?

Wilson: “There’s a lot of gangs that reside or associate with that area. There’s a lot of violence in that area, there’s a lot of gun activity, drug activity, it is just not a very well-liked community. That community doesn’t like the police.”

Could it be that it is a terrible neighborhood, one which police have a right to be concerned over? To “feel himself in danger”? Apparently, it is the problem of the White officer, rather than the lawless, gang ridden, violent, drug dealing, gun shooting neighborhood. On which votes Democrat, by the way. According to King “We are in a bad place.” I agree. We are in a bad place when people stoke racial tensions with their own set of (false) facts and excuse the behavior of Michael Brown which led to his death. As someone in the comments wrote “Easy way to not be ” discriminated ” against by the police. Don’t rob a store or otherwise break the law. They will not mess with you anymore then they will white people.”

Also, don’t forget that this article is also subtly supposed to suggest that the Old South is still super racist, and, remember, Republicans mostly control it. Despite having a Democrat governor for Missouri and Democrats in charge of St Louis and Ferguson.

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