AGW Today: Massive Climahysteria, Just Teenagers, And A Gas Guzzling Supermodel

The New York Post says EVERYBODY PANIC!

It’s official. It’s getting hot down here. And if we don’t stop burning oil and coal, the Big Apple will be cooked.

According to a high tech study commissioned by a concerned Mayor Bloomberg and generously funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, climate change caused by human-created greenhouse gases is threatening the health, livelihood and security of New Yorkers–especially those who take the subway to work.

The New York City Panel on Climate Change, led by an elite team of NASA scientists and climate experts from Columbia, CUNY and Rutgers, has concluded that unless carbon emissions are drastically reduced all over the world, New York faces dangerous increases in temperature (up to 7.5 degrees), extreme weather (hurricanes and intense storms) and sea level rise (as much as 4.5 feet).

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And it continues on in that vein for quite some time. I’d ask the writer to pony up some real evidence, but, I do not think they have anyone actually named “Staff Writer” working for them. I guess no one wanted to actually take credit for the story, realizing just how unbelievably absurd it actually it. All you need to see is the picture at the story to realize how far beyond even Al Gore’s alarmism this story goes.

Meanwhile, Steven Chu says no biscuit for you

Speaking on the sidelines of a smart grid conference in Washington, Dr. Chu said he didn’t think average folks had the know-how or will to to change their behavior enough to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

“The American public…just like your teenage kids, aren’t acting in a way that they should act,” Dr. Chu said. “The American public has to really understand in their core how important this issue is.” (In that case, the Energy Department has a few renegade teens of its own.)

You realize that he basically just called most of the American public idiots, right? Apparently, you aren’t allowed to think for yourselves, you just need to follow the Official Party Line, Comrades, and do as Dear Leader says.

Anyhow, good news! Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has become the U.N. Environmental Ambassador. And, the U.N. has no problem using kids to push their scientific fraud (via Tom Nelson)

Well, it’s a darn good think she practices what she preaches. Wait, what? She is a helicopter pilot, burning lots of fossil fuels? Huh? She owns a private plane, too, so she can “bop from the US to Sao Paulo to Paris without worrying about connections or waiting in lines?” It’s no wonder AGW ranks dead last among issues facing the country in the latest Bloomberg poll when those who are Climate Alarmists do not walk the talk.

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