#AskDrH Finally Answers A Few Questions

by William Teach | December 19, 2014 8:07 am

People, including myself, since I asked him lots and lots of questions on Twitter, were wondering if this would ever happen

(White House[1]) Last month, Dr. John Holdren — the President’s science advisor — invited the public to ask him anything about climate change[2] on social media using the hashtag #AskDrH.

Since then, he’s gotten a lot of questions. Brandon, a seventh-grader, wanted to know if climate change will affect him during his lifetime. A number of people asked whether climate change is driving extreme events, like the heavy snowfall we’ve seen recently in Buffalo, New York. Some people wanted to know what Dr. Holdren is doing to prevent climate change himself.

Here are the questions he answered

That last one is a question that I asked at least several times, and one I often ask Warmists

I find it interesting that the first thing he starts with, and the thing he says is most important, is implementing Obama’s “climate change” agenda. Things that affect Other People. This is what is most important to Warmists, forcing That Guy to adhere to the Warmist beliefs.

He does finally mention at the end a few things that he and his wife are doing in their own lives, such as his wife driving a hybrid, he takes the metro to work at the White House, and doesn’t even own a car in D.C., uses CFL’s (compact fluorescent light-bulbs), and recycles. That was actually the point of the question. Of course, he hasn’t given up fossil fueled travel himself.

The answer regarding the question about temps not increasing in 18 years is typical Warmist claptrap. I would have loved to hear him answer my question as to why 95% of computer models failed to predict the Pause.

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