Attacking Climate Science Means Attacking The Declaration Of Independence Or Something

Attacking Climate Science Means Attacking The Declaration Of Independence Or Something

Uber-Warmist Joe Romm crawls out from under his rock to, shocker, link ‘climate change’ with the Declaration

When Trump attacks science, he attacks the heart of the Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence is a “scientific paper,” but our President purges the government of science and scientists

“Science is my passion, politics is my duty.” The man who said that was Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence.

So while team Trump is the most anti-science administration in U.S. history, it’s worth remembering this week that the Declaration’s drafters were undeniably men of science.

In sharp contrast, Trump has embraced the most anti-scientific climate denial imaginable — and surrounded himself with a team of deniers who have purged science from government websites and removed scientists from EPA advisory panels to make space for industry advocates.

In his most consequential anti-scientific act, Trump abandoned the Paris climate deal, whereby 190 nations had unanimously banded together to save themselves (and us) from catastrophic climate change.

I wonder what Jefferson would have though about handing over sovereignty to an agreement that was written in a manner so as to avoid the duly elected Legislative Branch? Being men of science, they probably would have been asking Joe for proof, and pointing out that consensus is not science. It’s politics.

But, Joe goes on and on and on and on, because, as pointed out, Warmists always must link their pet cult with everything, especially holidays.

Not many people will be pursuing “happiness” under those conditions — especially when you realize they’d also be dealing with sea level rise of 4 to 6 feet or higher, extreme weather of all kinds, and much of the ocean turned into a hot, acidic dead zone.

Billions will be struggling with constant threats to life and liberty. Trump’s policies will create more wars, hundreds of failed states like Syria, and millions of refugees at our own doorstep.

Hundreds? So, like every nation on earth (there are only 196) will be failed states like Syria? These people. Can’t they just enjoy holidays? Well, no, obviously.

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