Boston “GreenFest” Highlights Massive Snow Caused By Globull Warming


(Charlestown Patch) Entering its sixth year, Boston GreenFest 2013 will entertain and educate with music from countries around the globe and a variety of exhibits on fashion, cars, robots, art, poetry, dance, tai chi and more.

Um, wait, cars? Aren’t they bad for Hotcoldwetdry?

The annual event, sponsored by the Foundation for a Green Future, is an opportunity for Charlestown residents to learn about ways to save money while doing more for their families, neighborhood and city

Anyone want to bet that these “ways” involve more government and taxation rather than changing personal behavior?

“Everyone hears about climate change, but no one wants to believe it,” said Dr. Karen Weber, executive director of the Foundation for a Green Future. “We felt it this winter when it snowed so much and we felt it [this summer] when it was hotter than it ever was in Boston. We see it when there are more tornados than ever–even in Massachusetts–and super storms like Sandy. Yet, once these things pass, we forget and go right back to doing what we always did, trying to tell ourselves that we don’t need to make any changes.”

But, then, we aren’t supposed to actually listen to Dr. Weber, since she is not a climate scientist, but, instead, holds a doctorate in Law, Policy and Society from Northeastern University.

We aren’t seeing more tornadoes than ever. In fact, this has been the slowest tornado season on record. No landfalling major hurricanes (cat 3 or higher) since October 24, 2004. Only 1 landfalling hurricane since 2008, and it could be argued that Isaac wasn’t a hurricane. So far, this season has been a dud. Yes, Boston is looking at about 2F higher than normal for the year, while around 70% of the lower 48 is below average. Heck, Raleigh is looking to have temps in the 70’s this week, with a projected high of 72 on Thursday. 8 of the next 10 are forecasted to be below, and in some cases well below average. Heck, we’re going to be cooler than Boston.

But, this snow thing, sheesh, these people are nuts.

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