Bummer: By Almost Every Measure, Things Are Looking Good For Polar Bears

by William Teach | March 1, 2015 8:21 am

Another “OMG, Doom!!!!” talking point/prognostication from the World Of Climatology has bitten the dust

Polar bear population bounces back despite climate change warning[1]

Dr Susan Crockford said: “On almost every measure, things are looking good for polar bears.”

In a report for the climate sceptic Global Warming Policy Foundation, she said: “Scientists are finding that polar bears are well distributed throughout their range and adapting well to changes in sea ice.

“Health indicators are good and they are benefiting from abundant prey. It really is time for the doom and gloom about polar bears to stop.”

Dr Crockford, of the University of Victoria in British Columbia added: “Polar bears are still a conservation success story. With a global population almost certainly greater than 25,000, we can say for sure that there are more polar bears now than 40 years ago.

“The global estimate is too high to qualify the polar bear as ‘threatened’ with extinction.”

Whelp, there’s that WAG[2] talking point thrown off the cliffs. We’ve been treated to a litany of doom regarding polar bears (which are more than happy to attack and kill humans) and “climate change” for quite some time, but especially since Al Gore included the so-called plight of the polar bear in his idiotic movie “An Inconvenient Truth[3]“. Yet, we keep finding that the reality bears little resemblance to the truth.

Let’s be clear: this doesn’t mean that the Earth is not in a warm period, one in which Mankind plays a small part, mostly through agriculture, landfills, UHI (Urban Heat Island Effect), and land use. It simply means that life adapts. Like it always has. Because the Earth changes. Always has.


All 50 states of America will see snow this week as the nation is plunged into the coldest month for decades.
For the first time since 2010, meteorologists predict two snow storms barreling through the country in the next seven days will engulf Florida – a usually snow-less state.

It comes as cold weather records continue to fall across the country, with February declared the coldest month in New York for 81 years.

The average temperature in the Big Apple over the last four weeks has been 24F – 11 degrees below normal. New York joins other metropolitan areas such as Chicago and Pittsburgh, which have also experienced their most frigid February in decades.

As the mercury continues to plummet, ice breakers are being deployed by the US Coast Guard to create ferry and shipping lanes along the Hudson River in New York and the Delaware in Philadelphia.

According to The New York Times[5], it has not been this frigid in New York since February 1934.

And the snow heading towards Boston[6] could break the cities all time record for the season. Obviously, Cultists will blame this on “climate change”. They already are blaming “extreme” winter storms on too much heat. Perhaps we need to change what the definition of insanity[7] is.

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