Bummer: Colorado Climate Change Protest Hit With Cold, Snow

by William Teach | April 17, 2015 6:40 am

Well, of course, as Cult of Climastrology tenets tell us, the cold and snow is caused by climate change. Or just weather. It depends on the agreed upon talking points. But, in Warmist World, it’s just a foretaste of the doom of the future, you guys

(Daily Caller[1]) Global warming activists should probably start planning their protests for the summer because the second climate rally — within just days of a major one in Canada — has been buried in snow.

Student activists with Fossil Free CU have camped out the University of Colorado, staging a “sit in” meant to show the Board of Regents the group’s commitment to getting the school to divest its endowment of fossil fuel holdings.

The group’s Facebook page[2] shows students braving the elements to convince the Board of Regents to ditch fossil fuels to fight global warming. Unfortunately for them, the “Gore effect” has kicked in and may blunt their arguments that the world is catastrophically warming.

They received about 3 inches of global warming snow on Thursday. And more on tap for Friday.

“We’ve been speaking with the regents, and they really haven’t been budging,” Austen Bernier, a student activist, told[3] the Daily Camera. “They’ve failed to take bold action; they’ve failed to commit to creating a pathway to divestment even though they let us come talk at the last board meeting. With their failure to take action, our point here is to create a safe space where we can have the dialogue that they’re refusing to have.”

What is it with college students and “safe spaces”? Which are places the poor whittle snowflakes go to play with dolls and coloring books, and have themselves a good lie down, as they say in England. Well, they’ll need their “safe space” for that crying jag

(Washington Times[4]) The board voted 7-2 against divesting its $2.7 billion endowment from fossil fuels, citing state law and university policy requiring prudent investment of public funds, then defeated a second proposal to launch a sustainable investment advisory committee.

Will the protesters pledge to eliminate fossil fuels from their own lives?

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