Bummer: Drying Your Hands Like A Rational Human Now Bad For Globull Warming

by William Teach | November 12, 2011 7:53 am

Did you use paper towels or a hot air dryer? Then man induced global warming (cooling, snow, no snow, etc) is all your fault (via Tom Nelson[1])

Paper towels least green way of drying hands, study finds[2]

That’s funny, because the more CO2 there is, the more plantlife thrives. Sounds kinda “green” to me

Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have completed what is believed to be the first major study to assess the greenest way of drying your hands.

Seriously? This is what the smart people are doing? Studies on drying your hands?

The research paper[3] compared the seven most common drying methods in public toilets and concludes that paper towels and warm air hand dryers have the highest environmental toll — generating 70% more carbon emissions than the newest technology on the market, the cold air-driven hand dryer from UK manufacturer Dyson, which also commissioned the paper.

Drying your hands with cold air? With all due respect, Dyson, we can put that in the category of “things that suck”.

The study could also help consumers in comparing the environmental impact of products by distinguishing greenwash and making it easier to interpret the growing number of environmental claims. Last year Dyson and US paper towel corporation Kimberly Clark were involved in a row[4] over research, which suggested “significant hygiene risks associated with jet air dryers and warm air dryers”, which Dyson dismissed as false claims.

I know you are super excited to take the time to consider your carbon footprint when you want to dry your hands. According to the studies, even using “cotton roll towels”, which appear to be one of those dispensers[5] with fabric that you pull down, are bad for Globull Warming.

I guess you are pretty much left with drying your hands by wiping them on your clothes, but, hey, if you do a different spot each time, you can clean them, because using a washing machine is also bad for AGW.

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