Climate Alarmist Links Snow Storms To, Yup! Global Warming

Yeah, I know, your are not actually shocked by this, you just knew it had to show up at some point. As over 50% of America was covered by snow, Joe Romm decides it’s the fault of……..

In any case, I have previously discussed the scientific literature, which makes clear that we have seen an increase in intense precipitation in this country, just as climate science predicted we would (see Why the “never seen before” Fargo flooding is just what you’d expect from global warming, as Obama warns). The NOAA-led report by 13 federal agencies Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States issued earlier this year makes the same point. (snip)

That may be “strange,” but in fact it is a trend being observed around the country – predicted by climate science – with more extreme weather and a greater fraction of precipitation being generated in extreme events. (snip)

Joe goes on (and on and on and on) trying to say that the record snow was caused by, yes, global warming, which means, of course, man induced warming. Go that? Warming causes snow.

In fact, this rec0rd-breaking snowstorm is pretty much precisely what climate science predicts. Since one typically can’t make a direct association between any individual weather event and global warming, perhaps the best approach is to borrow and modify a term from the scientific literature and call this a “global-warming-type” deluge – see Must-have PPT: The “global-change-type drought” and the future of extreme weather.

If climate alarmist science predicts that an increase in greenhouse gasses that is causing higher temperatures and will kill us all causes record breaking snow storms, maybe the science should be divorced from binge drinking.

Meanwhile, via Greenie Watch, we learn that inconvenient opinions were removed from the IPCC. And a South African scientist compares AGW to neo-colonialism.

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