‘Climate Change’ To Cause Up To 500,000 Extra Deaths A Year By 2050 Or Something

by William Teach | March 4, 2016 7:14 am

Another day, another breathless report on Doom from ‘climate change’

(UK Guardian[1]) Climate change could kill more than 500,000 people a year globally by 2050 by making their diets less healthy, according to new research published in the Lancet.

The research is the first to assess how the impacts of global warming could affect the quality of the diets available to people and found fewer fruit and vegetables would be available as a result of climatic changes. These are vital in curbing heart disease, strokes and diet-related cancers, leading the study to conclude that the health risks of climate change are far greater than thought.

How to stop this?

“The health burden related to climate change is much bigger than we thought,” Scarborough said. But cutting carbon emissions and improving education and the availability of fruit and vegetables would reduce the number of deaths, he said.

So, certainly this would require massive government intervention for the first two. As for the latter, agriculture has massively increased over time. We keep having record crops. But, think about it: it would also require massive government to force companies to give their fruits and veggies to people, possibly on the taxpayer dime. Would they force people to eat their fruits and veggies?

Jo Nova[2] describes it all thusly

The Lancet study in a nutshell:  Take climate models that don’t work, and guesstimate what might happen to agriculture because of the climate we probably won’t get. Then use those guesses of food production in 2050 to fantasize what that means for human mortality. After all, we don’t know how many people are killed today by “4% less fruit and vege and 0.7% less meat”, but we can estimate what that dietary change will do in 2050 after a medical revolution, 35 years of plant breeding and agricultural changes. Not to mention a few more rounds of global food fads and phases of Vegan, Paleo, Atkins, and 5:2 Fasting.  (But how did they factor in the mortality effect from another 2,000 episodes of MasterChef?)

Boom. As she notes, it’s not like CO2 is bad for plants

Seriously, CO2 has increased crop yields[3], and will continue to do so[4] until we hit 1000ppm (or maybe 2000). Around the planet, plants grow in warm places, and shrivel up and die in cold ones. So do people. Cold kills 20 times as many people as heat does.[5] It must take a lot of modeling to calculate “more deaths” from two good outcomes.

Of course, we have breathless freakouts from many in the media over this, such as Washington Post[6], Bloomberg[7], Phys.org[8], BusinessGreen[9],TIME[10], New Scientist[11], Carbon Brief[12], Reuters[13], Climate Home[14], Telegraph[15]. Let’s not forget the Lancet’s insane statistical study claiming 650,00 Iraqi deaths at the hands of US forces, which was thoroughly debunked[16].

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