“Climate Change” Is Like Totally Making White Christmases A Thing Of The Past Or Something

by William Teach | December 26, 2014 8:39 am

All because you drove your fossil fueled vehicle and/or took a fossil fueled flight to travel to see your relatives

Climate change making white Christmases a thing of the past: UW prof[1]

The chances of a white Christmas in southwestern Ontario are getting slimmer and slimmer.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Environment Canada was calling for rain to start falling that night and continue, more or less steadily, through Christmas Eve – easily erasing whatever traces of snow still remained on the ground.

While Christmas Day could bring some flurries, especially to areas near Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, a true white Christmas – at least 2 cm of snow on the ground by 7 a.m. – seems like an impossible dream at this stage.

Obviously, this means doom

But what may seem like an abnormal December may in fact be the new reality.

That’s what Jason Thistlethwaite thinks.

A professor at the University of Waterloo focused on climate change adaptation, Thistlethwaite says the “quintessential” white Christmas is already 15 per cent less likely to occur in southern Ontario than it was in the 1970s and 1980s – a trend he doesn’t expect to shift anytime soon.

“The temperature’s just going to be too high,” he said.

“If you do get a white Christmas, cherish it. A green Christmas is going to be the new normal.”

But, of course, this is all really going to happen in 40 years or so, when people will have forgotten the prognostication. Even if this does happen, there is not scientific proof that it is mostly/solely caused by Mankind. Just a typical Holocene warm period. There is barely a trend[2] in decreased White Christmases for SW Ontario since the 1950’s. In the continental U.S., white Christmases have increased[3].

Of course, any increases in the future will be blamed on “climate change”, where the Warmists claim there is more water vapor in the atmosphere which causes more snow. Heck, Warmists even blame colder weather on “climate change”, the mark of a true cult.

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