‘Climate Change’ Could Make Warmists Dumber, Study Says

‘Climate Change’ Could Make Warmists Dumber, Study Says

OK, OK, the study is about bearded dragons. Might as well be about Warmists

Climate change could be making lizards less intelligent, finds study

Exposing lizard eggs to warmer temperatures during incubation makes the individuals that hatch from those eggs less intelligent, according to new research.

Bearded dragons, a popular pet species, are surprisingly smart reptiles, but this study suggests that their brainpower could be threatened by global warming.

To investigate the effects of heat on intelligence, scientists at the University of Lincoln incubated a clutch of bearded dragon eggs at the elevated temperature of 30°C, while keeping another clutch incubated at the more normal temperature of 27°C.

So, they artificially increased the temperature well beyond what has actually happened since 1850, which is a .9 to 1.0 Celsius increase. Anyhow, they raised the dragons, then tested them, and claim that the ones from the warmer egg clutch took longer to perform the tasks.

Intelligence is a useful attribute. If it is threatened by climate change, then so too is the survival of these reptiles.

In Warmist World, everything is threatened by Hotcoldwetdry. Now they just have to prove that it is mostly/solely caused by Mankind.

Jo Nova points out that this “study” involved 13 eggs from the same clutch being split in two. Not much of a survey sample. She also has a fun graphic noting that the Bearded Dragons must have been genius’ during the last ice age.

James Dellingpole is also making fun of this climahysteric study. Because it is mock-worthy. They could do one on Warmists, but, then, we see real world examples of this idiocy daily.

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