Is ‘Climate Change’ More Polarizing Politically Than Abortion?

When it comes to abortion on demand, we can all surely agree that it is an utterly polarizing policy. With Democrats, it is a litmus test. You seemingly cannot be a Democratic elected politician without being ready to forcibly enforce the notion that abortion should be legal in all manners and forms at all times. It is the #1 idol for Democrats to worship. They won’t even allow for abortion facilities to have the same medical standards as veterinarian clinic. Now, though, anthropogenic climate change is supposedly more polarizing

(AP) Tempers are rising in America, along with the temperatures.

Two decades ago, the issue of climate change wasn’t as contentious. The leading U.S. Senate proponent of taking action on global warming was Republican John McCain. George W. Bush wasn’t as zealous on the issue as his Democratic opponent for president in 2000, Al Gore, but he, too, talked of regulating carbon dioxide.

Then the Earth got even hotter , repeatedly breaking temperature records. But instead of drawing closer together, politicians polarized.

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Democrats (and scientists) became more convinced that global warming was a real, man-made threat . But Republicans and Tea Party activists became more convinced that it was – to quote the repeated tweets of presidential nominee Donald Trump – a “hoax.” A Republican senator tossed a snowball on the Senate floor for his proof.

Obviously, this AP “article” is written by an uber Warmist. You’ve seen the name Seth Borenstein before. He’s one of the chief cheerleaders for the AP and Washington Post. The big difference here is that Skeptics were willing to look at the evidence, the science, the facts, and realized that there isn’t any, or at least enough, evidence of anthropogenic causation to implement massive tax schemes and economy damaging policies while also increasing the size and power of the central government over the economy, private entities, and citizen’s lives.

On the flip side, Warmists couldn’t care less about evidence, facts, or science, because this is all about increased taxation and government size and scope. All on Other People, of course. Warmists want all the supposed benefits and redistribution to come their own way will Other People pay the price for the Warmist’s beliefs.

But nothing beats climate change for divisiveness.

“It’s more politically polarizing than abortion,” says Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. “It’s more politically polarizing than gay marriage.”

Leiserowitz says 17 percent of Americans, the fastest-growing group, are alarmed by climate change and want action now, based on surveys by Yale and George Mason University.

Another 28 percent are concerned, thinking it’s a man-made threat, but somewhat distant in time and place. Twenty-seven percent are cautious, still on the fence, and 11 percent are doubtful. An often-vocal 10 percent are dismissive, rejecting the concept of warming and the science. And about 7 percent are disengaged, not even paying attention because they’ve got more pressing needs.

Of course, when stacked up on a list of Things That Matter To Americans, ‘climate change’ tends to come in last or next to last. No one really cares. And, of course, the article forgot to mention an statistics or polling that would show that climate change is more polarizing than abortion on demand.

But, that’s not the point. Read the rest of the article and you’ll see that the point her is to prop up the Cult of Climastrology, saying that if you refuse to believe that mankind is mostly/solely responsible for the small increase in global temperatures you don’t believe in science. It’s all standard Warmists claptrap, long on yammering and short on actual scientific evidence.

Overwhelmingly, scientists who study the issue say it is man-made and a real problem. Using basic physics and chemistry and computer simulations, scientists have repeatedly calculated how much extra warming is coming from natural forces and how much comes from humans. The scientists and their peer-reviewed research blame human activity, for the most part.

Dozens of scientific measurements show Earth is warming. Since 1997, the world has warmed by 0.44 degrees (0.25 degrees Celsius) and 51 monthly or annual global heat records were broken, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Arctic sea ice, ice sheets and glaciers are melting faster. The seas have risen and hot water has been killing coral in record numbers. Scientists have connected man-made climate change to extreme weather, including deadly heat waves, droughts and flood-inducing downpours. Allergies, asthma and pest-borne diseases are worsening public health problems, with experts blaming climate change.

None of those prove anthropogenic causation. And that is what the debate is about. Causation. Just saying “man is at fault, now sit down, shut up, and give us your money and liberty (while we refuse to practice what we preach)” is not science. Computer models and doomsaying are not proof. Hysterical articles saying that climate change is more polarizing than abortion is not proof.

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