Climate Ethicist: Flying Is Killing Humans Of The Future Or Something

by William Teach | November 29, 2017 7:48 am


But, good news, it’s OK if you take a fossil fueled flight that kills future humans if you’re going to a climate conference (anything in red is a quote from Roser)

(NoTricksZone[2]) At Swiss SRF public broadcasting[3], Yves Bossart recently interviewed philosopher and ethicist Dominic Roser[4] of the Institute for Ethics and Human Rights of the University of Fribourg. Roser is also the author of the book “Ethics of Climate Change“.

In the interview Roser tells the SRF that whenever people fly, they are in fact “killing humans of the future“, and thus there is a moral obligation to abstain from flying. He says:

A single holiday flight can warm up the climate more than driving a car and heating a home with heating oil for an entire year.”

When asked if he himself flies, Roser says he does all he can to avoid taking holiday trips, because he is aware that “flying kills“.

In other words, he takes fossil fueled flights. In fact, he says, per the translation “I am not a better person than others. But I would like to at least renounce holiday flights, because I am aware: flying kills.”

When asked to explain what he means by that, he tells the SRF, citing an estimate from John Nolt[5]:

“People of the future generations die through our flights. To put it bluntly, the jetliner in which I sit is like a rocket that is aimed at future humans.”

So, he’s sitting in that jetliner? Huh. He goes on to say that, per that estimate, that each American’s greenhouse emissions kill one to two people. Of course, he states that sometime flying and killing future humans is A-OK

“But sometimes one has to fly, for example if your mother is dying far away, or when I as a politician have to go to a climate conference.”

Why not take a bike? You can leave early. Same if the conference is far away. Take a sailing ship. Just leave early. Kinda like what your boss says if you keep being a few minutes late, right? But, hey, know what the solution is (this comes from the article cited)

Should the state make a CO 2 tax on flights and force us to do so?

Yes, but unfortunately this is politically very difficult, because that requires global solutions. That is the big challenge of climate change. No country can solve the whole problem single-handedly. There is hope only if we stand together across borders and choose global thinking politicians.

As usual, the answer is more taxes and more Big Big Government. Globalism. Which is funny, because, on the flip side, Warmists blame globalism for climate change, in all the consumerism, capitalism, and people moving around the globe.

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