Climate Morons Discuss Mounting Primary Challenges And Collecting Scalps

Apparently, Grist writer David Roberts (who’s going for the Commander Ricker look) missed the memo on the “new tone”: Nothing will change until greens mount some primary challenges and collect some scalps

So, and 1Sky are uniting. Interesting news! I was particularly struck by this bit from Bill McKibben and Betsy Taylor’s post:

We have learned over time that you can’t win simply by explaining the crisis to political leaders; they may intellectually understand that they’re facing the end of the world, but what they really fear is the end of their political careers. We need to build a movement that can reward and punish politicians. Since we’ll never have the money to match the fossil-fuel front groups, we’re going to need a different currency: bodies, creativity, passion.

Got that? They have to build a movement based on…..all things not-science! It’s almost like the climate change hoax is a….political movement or something. David goes on to write

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I agree — a thousand times over! — about the dire need for the climate hawk movement to focus on political power. Facts and science are inert unless they’re backed by a constituency that has the power and willingness to reward its political allies and punish politicians who cross it. Right now greens aren’t doing that. Nobody in D.C., with the possible exception of coastal liberal pols like Barbara Boxer, has any reason at all to fear the wrath of green groups. In fact, green group wrath — expressed in grumpy TV adds, PR releases, and internet petitions — generally serves as a badge of pride in districts to the right of, say, Bernie Sanders’. It makes a pol look “moderate.”

So, putting up rational, adult, scientific information that substantiates their belief that mankind is mostly or solely responsible for global warming is old and busted….well, really, hasn’t been tried. The Warmists immediately jumped to the conclusion that Man is bad, we must put in vast personal and economic controls, and tax everything. But, David does disagree with the notion about them not having enough money

The problem is that greens have been playing the top-down game badly. And it’s not from lack of money — depending on how you tally it up, they spent between $200 million and $300 million just in the last year or so on the climate-bill battle. That’s more than enough money to do some damage, if it’s spent well.

So, they’ve spent between $200 and $300 million in the last year or so, and accomplished nothing? In fact, they’ve accomplished turning even more people off from their cult. And these are the people that want to be in charge of tax policy and controlling people? They can’t even accomplish their own goals with massive amounts of money.

And, think what they could have done with that money to help the environment instead of policy advocacy and agitation. How many species they could have protected. But, again, the anthropogenic global warming movement is not about protecting the planet, saving nature, it’s about power and control.

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