Collapsing Science Today: Fog, Wildfires, And Antarctic Sea Ice

Let’s start with the perfect headline for belief in AGW (note: the site is not a climate alarmist one)

Climate change causes an increase and a decrease in San Francisco fog

How can that be?

A story in today’s Daily Telegraph proclaims, “Fog over San Francisco thins by a third due to climate change.”

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A quick Google search found that another California prof, Robert Bornstein of San Jose University, published research only last year in the Journal of Climate, which claimed that global warming was heating the interior of California, but not the coast, leading to an INCREASE in the amount of coastal fog. (see )

Man made global warming can do everything! Roger Pielke, Jr. confirms this with his own story and asks “I wonder if the same amount of fog is also “consistent with” such predictions? I bet so.”

Then there is Wildfiregate, via the Air Vent

In the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment report, section 14.2.7 Tourism and recreation of WGII, they make the following claim (emphasis mine):

“Climate variability affects many segments of this growing economic sector [Tourism]. For example, wildfires in Colorado (2002) and British Columbia (2003) caused tens of millions of dollars in tourism losses by reducing visitation and destroying infrastructure (Associated Press, 2002; Butler, 2002; BC Stats, 2003).”

And those sources?

  • Associated Press, 2002: Rough year for rafters. September 3, 2002.
  • Butler, A., 2002: Tourism burned: visits to parks down drastically, even away from flames. Rocky Mountain News. July 15, 2002.
  • BC Stats, 2003: Tourism Sector Monitor — November 2003, British Columbia Ministry of Management Services, Victoria, 11 pp. [Accessed 09.02.07:]

Scientific! “That’s two newspaper articles and one tourism statistics newsletter.” Read the rest as the Air Vent further destroys the wildfire claim.

Finally, Antarctic Ice. Perhaps it was just a typo, as the latest True Believer talking point seems to be. There is quite a bit of back and forth, showing the problems with an IPCC claim, which, again, I would recommend reading the whole thing, so, let’s jump to the end

So, the peer reviewed literature, both extant at the time of the AR4 as well as published since the release of the AR4, shows that there has been a significant increase in the extent of sea ice around Antarctica since the time of the first satellite observations observed in the late 1970s. And yet the AR4 somehow “assessed” the evidence and determined not only that the increase was only half the rate established in the peer-reviewed literature, but also that it was statistically insignificant as well. And thus, the increase in sea ice in the Antarctic was downplayed in preference to highlighting the observed decline in sea ice in the Arctic.

The UN was wrong? I wonder who the True Believers will deny this? They are nowhere close to getting beyond either the denial or anger of the 5 stages of grief.

Oh, before I forgot, there is a consensus that global warming is mostly natural. You climate alarmists believe in consensus as science, right?

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