Come on Everyone—it’s Time to Dig Deep and Help the People of Dixie.

Come on Everyone—it’s Time to Dig Deep and Help the People of Dixie.

Americans are an extremely charitable people. We NEVER turn our backs on those in need–whether it be our fellow Americans in New Orleans, or strangers in distant lands like Haiti or Japan. Wednesday night, a slew of tornadoes tore through the southeastern US, ravaging Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, all the way to Virginia. So far, almost 300 people have been reported dead, and millions of dollars in property damage has been done by the 173 tornadoes that have destroyed Dixie (Tuscaloosa, AL seems to be the hardest hit). Bottom line, this is the deadliest tornado outbreak in the US since 1974.

Now, the good news is that, unlike the massive flooding that happened in Tennessee last year, the media actually seems to care about this disaster and President Obama is currently touring the South in order to assess the damage (whereas, he didn’t show up at all in TN last year). Yes, a select few have behaved appallingly–like the clowns over at Think Progress who had the unmitigated gall to imply that the people in these states kind of had it coming because they are all a bunch of global warming denying rednecks. However, this time around, the MSM, President Obama and the American people–both liberal and conservative–have overwhelmingly conducted themselves with class and generosity. Let’s keep it that way and not start giving the people of Dixie the Heisman, instead of our love and support, once the cameras go away and this story is off of the front page.

Michelle Malkin has a multitude of links to many different charities on her website where you can make a donation to help out the good people of Dixie (and Tabitha Hale of does as well). I grew up all over the South, and I can tell you that they would do it for us without even blinking. Even if you only have a dollar or two to give, your generosity during a recession will be greatly appreciated. If everyone gives a dollar, then that would add up to a lot of dough. It’s time to love our neighbors and help the people of Dixie get through this horrific disaster.

PS–I have embedded a video below from ABC World News so that everyone can hear from the victims, and see for themselves just how hellacious these tornadoes actually were.

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PPS–If you also would like to give a small donation to help out the victims of the deadly storms in North Carolina that happened just a few weeks ago, then please click here.

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