Crazy Warmist Blames Lightning Strike On Globull Warming

Because lightning never happened when CO2 was below 350ppm. Oh, and the Warmist in question isn’t just any crazy lady: she’s a former Harvard Business School professor (via Tom Nelson)

(HuffPo Crazy) Hell is not a place; it’s a time. It starts with the experience of irreversible loss and ends as you learn to live with loss. My hell time began on a summer night in 2009 while wrapping brownies at the kitchen table in our Maine farmhouse.

Then her home was hit by lightning. I can sympathize: mine was hit once, too, blew out my A/C unit and expensive HDTV. Anyhow, here we go

I am not a climate change scientist, but I have come to understand that I am a climate change victim. Our daughter took the lead investigating destructive lightning in Maine. She found that the NASA Goddard Institute estimates a 5-6% change in global lightning frequencies for every 1 degree Celsius global warming. The Earth has already warmed .8 degrees Celsius since 1802 and is expected to warm another 1.1-6.4 degrees by the end of the century. Maine’s temperatures rose 1.9 degrees Celsius in the last century and another 2.24 degree rise is projected by 2104. I learned from our insurance company that while the typical thunderstorm produces around 100 lightning strikes, there were 217 strikes around our house that night. I was shocked to discover that when it comes to increased lightning frequency and destructiveness, a NASA study concluded that eastern areas of North America like Maine are especially vulnerable. Scientists confirm a 10% increase in the incidence of extreme weather events in our region since 1949.

.8C, huh? Wow, that’s ……. well, miniscule, and still less than occurred during the multiple warm periods that occurred over the last 7,000 years. Remember when we were told that “weather is not climate”?

Was the lightning bolt in our kitchen caused by global warming? The facts are too compelling to ignore. It seems that global warming turned my family into refugees in our own lives, stripped of everything that once carried our memories and meaning. Since then I’ve learned some lessons that may help others reckon with the realities of climate change and the terrifying prospect that our future will be different from our past.

I don’t want to make light of her tragedy, yet, she herself decided to take a random act of nature and use it for political gain. And blaming CO2 for this random act of nature is about as stupid as it gets. I will give her points for installing solar panels and a windmill, but living in a big old house is bad for globull warming.

Oh, I almost forget: via Steven Goddard, here’s Maine’s massive warming trend (saved me from having to look it up myself)

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