Early Spring Is Totally A Sign Of ‘Climate Change’ And Future Doom Or Something

Early Spring Is Totally A Sign Of ‘Climate Change’ And Future Doom Or Something


Remember when so many places around the world in recent years were having long winters and barely any springs? The Credentialed Media who were members of the Cult of Climastrology said “no big deal.” That’s when they weren’t attempting to blame nature for masking the signs of anthropogenic climate change. Now, though

The U.S. Geological Survey hails an early spring — and ties it to climate change

As the nation basks in some of the warmest February weather it has seen in decades, the U.S. Geological Survey has been quick to point out that the early spring conditions are another symptom of climate change.

On Thursday, the USGS shared a new analysis just released by the USA-National Phenology Network, which the agency helps to fund, showing that an early spring has already swept through the Southeast and is continuing to work its way across the country. As the agency points out, the new analysis reaffirms a fact scientists have known for at least a decade now — that “climate change is variably advancing the onset of spring across the United States.”

And this means doooooom!

These findings, along with the newly released maps of this year’s springs, are just another way of pointing to the progression of climate change, Weltzin noted. He also noted that, although the balmy conditions this February may seem nice on the surface, an early spring can come with all kinds of downsides. For one thing, the onset of warm weather is also associated with the reemergence of disease-carrying parasites and insects, such as ticks and mosquitoes.

It can also carry serious agricultural risks. Early springs are sometimes followed by sudden frosts or droughts later in the summer, which can be devastating for crops that have already begun to grow. It has happened several times in the recent past, Weltzin pointed out — in 2012, the grape harvest in Southwestern Michigan was ravaged by a sudden cold snap following an early spring, and a similar incident hammered the tree nut harvest in the Southeast in 2007, he said.

Everybody panic!

As far as the latest climate news goes, there are other indicators of the long-term climatic changes that are happening in the United States, Weltzin noted. But the onset of spring remains one of the more dramatic red flags.

Red flags!!!!!

Do you know what the USGS doesn’t say? Whether the warming is mostly/solely caused by Mankind, or mostly/solely caused by nature. Or even somewhere around 50/50. And that’s what the debate is about: causation. More and more papers are showing that it is primarily natural. Even small variations in the solar system can cause “chaos” with the climate of not just Earth, but other planets. Warmists are fond of blaming nature for “masking” warming during the years of the Great Pause. Why can nature not be mostly responsible for the warming itself?

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