It’s Earth Day Again, And Scientists Are Marching For Something Or Other

by William Teach | April 22, 2017 7:31 am


There’s a big march on Washington, which has spread out to being a march around the world. It’s not important enough for the NY Times, LA Times, or Washington Post to cover (other than a traffic story in the WP). A few other sites are pimping it, such as ABC News

March for Science events to take place around the globe[2]

Thousands of people are expected to attend March for Science events around the world to promote the understanding of science and defend it from various attacks, including U.S. government budget cuts.

The March for Science was dreamed up at the Women’s March on Washington, a day after U.S. President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January. Saturday is also Earth Day.


There's literally NO scientific argument that isn't strengthened by wearing a pussy hat #ScienceMarch[3][4]

— Tom Nelson (@tan123) April 22, 2017[5]

Basing the march on an unhinged anti-Trump march, featuring all the Usual Unhinged Moonbat Leftist social justice warrior garbage is probably not the best thing.

The march puts scientists, who generally shy away from advocacy and whose work depends on objective experimentation, into a more public position.

Really? Shy away? The climastrologists are constantly yelling in public about uber-doom.

Objective experimentation? They rely on ginned up data, failed computer models, and essentially reading tea leaves to tell us future doom.

Scientists involved in the march said they are anxious about political and public rejection of established science such as climate change and the safety of vaccines.

And there will be lots of pussy hats and angry anti-Trump signs. As Jo Nova explains[6]

The March for Science is on Saturday.

Will J Grant and Rod Lambert struggled with the message behind the “March for Science”[7] at The Conversation. We should march, they said a month ago, because “science is a human process”, which will be news to people who thought science was about evidence and reason instead. On Saturday they will be marching for the kind of science that is  “passion” and “belief”. Don’t turn up thinking this is about the dispassionate Laws of Physics. You’ll be at the wrong rally.

The March seems to be fighting strawmen. It is supposedly about “Encouraging scientists to share their research” (as if scientists like to hide their research). We know they hide their data[8], their methods [9]and their adjustments[10], but when the ABC turns up to interview them, they don’t seem to hide their opinions. They hide their declines[11]  but don’t hide their Nobel Prizes[12] (even if they didn’t get them). Do they need encouragement?

Jo’s #1 conclusion about the march?

Those who can’t discover something useful have to march in the streets instead. The March is one big Pat-on-The-Back for the crusaders for taxpayer funds.

Make sure to read the whole thing. Oh, and expect to see lots of wonderful photos from at least Washington, D.C., where the area is covered in trash from all the Earth loving scientists and SJWs (who took evil fossil fueled vehicles to the marches).

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