Earth Is Like Totally Moving Towards A 6th Great Extinction Or Something

We need to head the warnings, y’all! Because it’s the end of days!

Heed the Warnings: Why We’re on the Brink of Mass Extinction

Evolutionary biologist Sean B. Carroll, executive producer of the doc Mass Extinction: Life At the Brink, on why mankind’s days are numbered.


But now, to that list of calamities to learn from, we need to add “mass extinctions.”

Mass extinctions?

Yes, because nature’s warning lights are flashing. In the past forty years, Earth has lost half of its wild animal populations. Africa’s lions are one telling example. Thought the King of the Beasts was protected?

Think again. Fifty years ago, about 400,000 lions roamed Africa. Today, there are only about 30,000 remaining, as they have disappeared from twenty-six countries.

Carroll has a point. There is a big loss of life within the animal kingdom, and much can be blamed on Mankind. But, hey, you know this all has to point towards “climate change”, right?

The potential losses of species are on a scale that is rivaled by only a few events in the last 500 million years of Earth’s history. Five times during that span, the majority of species on the planet vanished in a short interval of time. Scientists have now identified the triggers of two of those events: an asteroid that struck Earth 66 million years ago and wiped out dinosaurs and much more, and massive eruptions of volcanoes underneath Siberia that decimated the world 252 million years ago.

While the triggers for these two calamities were different, detailed study of what unfolded in the past reveals a common mode of destruction that is relevant to understanding our predicament today: in each case, mass extinction resulted from large and rapid environmental change on a global scale. Indeed, the main weapons of mass destruction unleashed by the Siberian eruptions included enormous quantities of the very familiar climate-changing gas carbon dioxide. The great concern of scientists today is that the potential global temperature changes projected over the next century approach those that took place 252 million years ago.

Despite what computer models showed, or maybe just to spite computer models, there has been an 18+ year pause in warming, where temps have only gone up in a statistically insignificant way. There has been a miniscule 1.4F increase since 1850, less than one would expect during a Holocene warm period. But, Warmists are predicting doom and gloom in the future, anywhere from a 2C to 6C increase, based on the same computer models that failed 95% of the time.

Lest one think this is anything new, Warmists have been trotting out the 6th Great Extinction scareathon over the last few years, attempting to scare people to gin up support for their far left Progressive policies of increased taxation, increased centralized Government, and decreased control of our own lives and business, where that control is handed over to the central government.

At the current rate of loss in the animal kingdom, it would take 250,000 years to be concerned. Another book concerned about the 6th ME recycles old, outdated freakouts. Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore slammed the 6th ME yammering for what it is: a scare attempt. The 6th ME yammering relies on made up numbers and panic.

Warmists need to continue to amp up their invective in order to keep their cult going.

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