Earthquake Hits Delaware: You Know What This Means, Right?

by William Teach | December 1, 2017 7:08 am


So this happened Thursday afternoon

M 5.1 – 10km ENE of Dover, Delaware[2] Don't forget to send the USGS a "Did You Feel It!" report[3]

— USGS (@USGS) November 30, 2017[4]

There’s been some confusion in terms of actual power. It was originally reported as a 5.1, then seemed to be downgraded to 4.4, then the USGS makes it a 4.1. Regardless doesn’t matter, because it’s your fault for driving a fossil fueled vehicle, using a hair dryer, and not growing your own food while giving up meat

It's snowing in Hawaii, 81 degrees in Denver, and now there has been an earthquake in Dover, DE. Might want to consider this climate change stuff. BTW, there hasn't been a quake in Dover since the mid 1800s. #ClimateChange[5]

— Maridee Now (@marideenow) November 30, 2017[6]

Hawaii is ❄️
Delaware has earthquake ????

Woahhh! #GlobalWarming[7] #Climate[8]

— вee ????❄️ (@_umebee) November 30, 2017[9]

Earthquake in D.C but climate change isn’t a thing at all ? ????

— Jose (@_maAchh) November 30, 2017[10]

Another #earthquake[11] on the east coast, but climate change is a hoax. More fake news!

— PatriotChimp (@chimp_patriot) November 30, 2017[12]

Definitely just felt an #earthquake[11] in the middle of New Jersey. But unnaturally rapid climate change ain't real though. ????????

— RaMalik Illustrations (@RashadMDavis) November 30, 2017[13]

Let’s not leave fracking out!

Plenty of silly tweets on this. You know, because they’re the party of science! Which thinks there are more than two actual genders.

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