Eat Your Leftovers, Or The World Will Die

by William Teach | November 25, 2011 8:53 am

I’m glad the Warmists are around to tell us to eat our leftovers, otherwise, I might have forgotten that the delicious turkey I cooked, along with mashed spuds, stuffing, and apple pie (along with several things people brought that I won’t eat)

(Grist[1]) As if turkey pot pie and turkey a la king aren’t enticing enough on their own, here’s another reason to eat leftovers this holiday season: About 1 million tons of CO2, 95 billion gallons of water, and $275 million will be thrown away this Thanksgiving in the form of leftover turkey.

Remember the days when people would say “there are people starving in Africa”? Now we have to be told to eat our leftovers because of Globull Warming. And the only thing within that matters to the Warmists is the CO2. None of them should have cooked the Thanksgiving meal if they really practiced what they preached. But, we all know it is about YOU being forced to change your life.

Friends, I challenge you to feast thoughtfully this year and not to succumb to this wasteful holiday trend.

You first. Get all your Warmist buddies to walk the talk. Then, people might listen.

And now that we are past Thanksgiving and into the Christmas season (at least in my mind. I ignore all Christmas displays that are up prior to Thanksgiving, and refuse to put up my Christmas tree till December), we can expect all sorts of unhinged Warmists stories about Christmas. Happens every year.

By the way, if you think I was being a bit over the top with the headline, the Grist story headline is “Eat leftovers, save the world.”

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