Faking Data to Prop Up Global Warming Hoax Revealed as Massive Scientific Scandal

by Dave Blount | February 9, 2015 11:56 am

You can fool all of the people some of the time, and liberal dupes all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time — particularly when your hoax is only held up by what Christopher Booker describes as a scientific scandal of gargantuan proportions:

Two weeks ago, under the headline “How we are being tricked by flawed data on global warming”, I wrote about Paul Homewood, who, on his Notalotofpeopleknowthat blog, had checked the published temperature graphs for three weather stations in Paraguay against the temperatures that had originally been recorded. In each instance, the actual trend of 60 years of data had been dramatically reversed, so that a cooling trend was changed to one that showed a marked warming. …

Following my last article, Homewood checked a swathe of other South American weather stations around the original three. In each case he found the same suspicious one-way “adjustments”. First these were made by the US government’s Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN). They were then amplified by two of the main official surface records, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (Giss) and the National Climate Data Center (NCDC), which use the warming trends to estimate temperatures across the vast regions of the Earth where no measurements are taken. Yet these are the very records on which scientists and politicians rely for their belief in “global warming”.

Homewood has now turned his attention to the weather stations across much of the Arctic, between Canada (51 degrees W) and the heart of Siberia (87 degrees E). Again, in nearly every case, the same one-way adjustments have been made, to show warming up to 1 degree C or more higher than was indicated by the data that was actually recorded.

Believing temperature data that the government has gotten its hands on would be like taking the heroic remembrances of Brian Williams at face value.

Yet even now the Obama Regime wastes massive amounts of our money and destroys jobs through punitive regulations so as to combat this debunked hoax by methods that would be completely ineffective even if global warming were real. It is the modern equivalent of throwing virgins down volcanos.

Obama Warmunist
Unlike “climate change,” the economic damage is no joke.

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