Good News! CFLs Now Reported To Release Cancer Causing Vapors!

by William Teach | April 18, 2011 9:00 am

This is the kind of story that deserved an “oh, snap!” headline, but, I refrained, but, it is certainly an eye opener. Good thing Congress didn’t mandate that most incandescent light bulbs[1] can no longer be manufactured and sold in the United States. From NoTricksZone[2] (original story[3] in German)

I don’t have a single one of these damn things in our house, and I’m glad. Now the German online DIE WELT has a report here called: Energy Saving Lights Emit Toxic Substances.

It was already widely known that CFLs released deadly mercury, but only if they broke, see here for example[4], or here on what to do if one breaks[5]. Now, according to the German television news show “Markt“, which will air tomorrow evening at 8:15 pm, CFLs also emit cancer-causing fumes during their operation, principally phenol, which is highly toxic even in small amounts.

Apparently, Democrats just want to kill grandma. And kids. And everyone. Hey, Paul Krugman says people should no longer be civil[6], ya know. Quote from DIE WELT

The official expert for lighting, Peter Braun, confirmed the magazine’s claims that substances can find there way in the air in a room. ‘Of special concern was that all lights that were tested emitted cancer-causing substances while they operated, and these happened to be the substances that occurred with the highest concentrations,’ Braun told the network.”

Why do Democrats/liberals poor people….oh, wait, they hate humans, and would love to see the Earth’s population reduced, because Mankind is a blight on Gaia, and are bad for the climate. Of course, when they talk about this, they mean everyone else, not themselves. But, here’s your chance to do the right thing for anthropogenic global warming, climate alarmists: replace every single normal lightbulb in the range of 40-100 watts with a CFL.

BTW, I do have several CFLs left in my house. One lamp downstairs next to couch (the other side has a three way, and I’m not paying that much for a CFL 3-way.) Front porch…..that’s it. I’ve mostly stopped using them, because they no longer last like they once did, and I’m not spending the extra money.

(cue Joe complaining about this non-starter issue in 3…2….1…)

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