Governor Moonbeam: California Will Launch Its Own Space Program to Generate Global Warming Propaganda

by Dave Blount | December 16, 2016 1:34 pm

Under Obama, NASA has forsaken its mission to explore space in favor of Muslim outreach and generating phony data to prop up the global warming hoax. Moonbats don’t like it that this nonsense could end when the Era Error of Hope & Change is finally over.

In November, a top adviser to President-elect Donald Trump suggested the incoming administration would eliminate NASA’s earth-science programs.

That would mean failing to launch, shutting down, or turning over the suite of satellites that provide the trove of data NASA releases about the Earth and its land, oceans, and air.

The response from the Land of Fruits and Nuts:

California Gov. Jerry Brown gave a fiery speech on climate-change policy on Wednesday, during which he said, “If Trump turns off the satellites, California will launch its own damn satellite,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

This is certainly in character.

Brown also proposed a California satellite during his first tenure as governor, more than four decades ago, earning the nickname “Governor Moonbeam.”

You may well ask who would trust temperature data acquired by Governor Moonbeam for the explicit purpose of propping up the global warming hoax. Then again, you may well ask who would vote for him in the first place.

The inside of Brown’s head is a lot like outer space.

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