Hey, I Bet You Wanted Tips On Talking Climate Change This Holiday Season

Hey, I Bet You Wanted Tips On Talking Climate Change This Holiday Season


Yes, it is the holiday season. Christmas, New Year’s, Hanukkah, and a host of others. So, you obviously need tips on nagging talking to people on ‘climate change’. These are critical tips, if we go by the writing in the browser bar at Eco Watch

5 Tips on How to Talk Climate Change This Holiday Season

We’ve entered a new political era and emotions are raw—even over a scientifically settled topic such as climate change. Discussions that escalate into arguments can easily ruin a family holiday party or sour a dinner with friends.

That doesn’t mean sensitive topics or opposing views must be swept under the rug.

The trick is to use patience, tolerance, an optimistic tone—and last, but not least, a keen understanding of your audience—to nudge your climate-skeptic sister or father-in-law. You may find they’re suddenly open to your views.

Here are five tips to keep in mind as you get ready for the conversation:

Missing from the list is “Stop. No one is interested in your pseudo-religious views, no one wants to listen to you nag, we’re watching football here, and, hey, if fossil fuels are so bad, why’d you drive here?”

  1. First of all: Don’t get angry. (good luck with that. You’re a Leftist, after all)
  2. Leave apocalypse to the movies. (the suggestion is to talk about economic benefits and stuff, but, really, 97% of Warmist utterings are about doom)
  3. Seek common ground. (this is about showing respect for opposite views. So, yeah, it can’t happen, because liberals only show tolerance for radical Islam)
  4. Tell your own stories. (because the beach eroded, the Earth is doomed or something)
  5. Stick to the facts. (well, since Eco Watch trots out the 97% canard, facts have gone out the window)

That should work out well, right?

Having your facts straight is important, so do your homework and offer to get back to your father-in-law with more information if you can’t answer a question.

This is a suggestion to prepare talking points prior to attending an event, meaning this is a suggestion to intentionally engage your friends and relatives in a political conversation they would prefer to not have. To annoy people. To nag them. And then you’ll wonder why they tell you to go outside till dinner, then rush you out the door afterwards.

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