High Flying Gov Moonbeam: People Who Don’t Believe In “Climate Change” Are Troglodytes

by William Teach | July 9, 2015 7:27 am

And the world is like totally, ya know, on a collision with fossil fuels[1]!!!!!!

Jerry Brown: People who don't believe that CO2 is overheating the planet are "troglodytes" http://t.co/xDFGbOWmPC[2]

— Tom Nelson (@tan123) July 9, 2015[3]

Ater two days of rubbing shoulders with an international collection of politicians, Gov. Jerry Brown emerged from a climate-change conference here with new partnerships in the fight against global warming.

In a speech Wednesday to government officials and environmental advocates that capped his trip, the governor took aim at “troglodytes” who deny the threat of climate change, and insisted that all aspects of modern life must be scrutinized to save the planet.

Say, I wonder what kind of troglodyte takes a fossil fueled airplane trip from California to Toronto to complain about fossil fuels?

“We have to redesign our cities, our homes, our cars, our electrical generation, our grids — all those things,” Brown said. “And it can be done with intelligence. We can get more value from less material.”

How’s that working out in California, which has some of the highest property prices in the country, is renowned for its traffic jams, and is dealing with a dearth of water and electricity? How’s that carbon trading market working out? Oh, right, companies are leaving California.

Addressing climate change, Brown said, requires reckoning with things that have made life comfortable for billions of people.

“Oil, gas, coal has created the wealth we enjoy,” he said. “What was the source of our wealth now becomes the challenge of our future.”

So, wait, fossil fuels created great wealth? Weird.

The conference, attended by people from across the Americas and the other side of the Atlantic, was a chance to showcase California’s growing environmental reach.

Yet again, we see people who complain about fossil fuels (and do a lot more than complain, as many are trying to shut down all fossil fuels, or at least skyrocket the cost of it) using vast amounts to attend a “climate change” conference. As Glenn Reynolds[4] likes to write “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when people who tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis”. Ah, but what Warmists want is for your to be forced to act like it’s a crisis, while they themselves act in a contradictory manner and just go on with their fossil fueled lives.

BTW, we all know that there’s no better way to get people to agree with you and cooperate than calling them names.

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