Hooray! China’s Pollution Saved Us From Climate Change (Hoax)

Climate alarmists are really, really digging for an excuse to remain relevant

China’s rapid industrial expansion may have halted global warming for much of the last decade, climate scientists claimed.

They said sulphur pollution from China’s coal-fired power stations helped to keep world temperatures stable despite soaring greenhouse gas emissions.

Burning coal releases carbon dioxide which traps heat from the Sun, raising temperatures. But it also emits particles of sulphur that help block the Sun’s rays and cool the Earth.

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So, burning coal is good and bad for anthropogenic global warming? Is that kinda like how Neal Boortz flying a plane causes heat waves and snow storms?

But it is thought temperatures will rise again now China is tackling air pollution by installing equipment to scrub out sulphur particles.

Maybe we should ask AGW’s latest spokesman, Charles Manson, what he thinks we should do.

‘While climate change is a major threat, more research is required before society attempts global geoengineering solutions,’ said Tilmes

But, more research, which would continue to expose the junk science of the True Believers, would not create a pathway to more government control over people and economies.

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